4 “Low Cost” Business Ideas and the Recovery Period

It is not necessary to be a millionaire to enter a franchise and sometimes, not even have premises or employees. how do they work and what is needed

be part of a Franchise With An Established Brand Doesn’t Mean You Have To Pay Millions Of Dollars,

On the contrary, taking into account the economic efforts involved are greater Companies that add a franchise format to their offer with very little income cost,

No need to invest in premises or personnel, Taking advantage of another business’s structure already in operation or directly absorbing part of the initial outlay These are some of the options that franchising companies are implementing to grow their network and in turn, allow entrepreneurs to achieve their dream business of their own.

Rapipago: how to contract a franchise

To be part of the Rapipago extra-bank collection network, you do not have to pay any entry fee, Stock to buy or premises to rent.

literally, they explain to the company, the investment is zeroSince the service may be provided as a secondary activity in the existing business and Provide equipment to the franchisee Required to operate a franchise.

,They can be retailers or large chains: there is no limit. Franchise does not require previous experienceWe give you all the training and support you need,” he explains. iProUP Walter Barrisone, business director Grupo Gire, which owns the group rapipago,

According to Rapipago CEO Walter Barrisone, joining the Collections Network requires no investment: just

In 1996, when the network began its operations, it did so as a tax and service collection company. The offer was expanding year by year: In addition to paying for electricity or gas, it is also possible Withdraw or deposit cash, withdraw money from virtual wallet, Rent Light Parcel Delivery Service, Recharge Cell Phone Credit, Apply for Personal Loan, insurance or low cost assistance. For each operation performed, of course, the franchisee generates income for himself.

This zero-cost strategy allowed the network to grow to over 10,000 service points. all over the country. “This year we hope that a 20% growth in our franchisees, The goal is to be where the people are and the truth is that there are still some places to be filled and others that we want to give more coverage”, Barrison concluded.

Nuclear Kitchen: how to enter into a franchise agreement

If you are a restaurant owner and your kitchen has idle capacity or is not working as expected, nuclear kitchen gives a chance to be Franchise of one of its seven gastronomic brands and invoice up to additional 40% without investing a single penny,

“We adapt to your structure and equipment. Our brands like They work through delivery platforms, we care Update prices and photos, marketing and supply chain, The gastronomic only has to cook in time and form”, explains iProUP Uriel Krimer, Co-CEO of FoodTech.

The company, which is present in Argentina but also operates in Mexico and Canada, notably franchise kitchen, is currently 18 in the City of Buenos Aires and in the Northern Corridor of Greater Buenos Aires But, Krimer estimates that it will reach 30 in the next two months, and it will also reach southern suburbs,

To be a franchisee, the kitchen must comply with safety and sanitation regulations and basic equipment However, Krimer clarifies, in some cases they can Receive finished or semi-finished productsSo all they need to do is make sure they have space in their refrigerator and oven for cooking.

Atomic Kitchen's Uriel Krimer confirms that his franchise allows him to scale up a restaurant's kitchen for delivery

Atomic Kitchen’s Uriel Krimer confirms that his franchise allows him to scale up a restaurant’s kitchen for delivery

“Of course, to facilitate the work, we try The mark provided relates to the main gastronomic expertise of the chef and his equipment: We rarely give a pizza or hamburger brand to a sushi business,” he explains.

The only commitment the franchisee has to make is a monthly payment of 8% of sales. for royalty. According to the executive, ” billing Varies according to the mode of operation and its area of ​​influence, but ranges from $1,500,000 and $4,000,000 per month,

“It is a perfect model for these times of inflation in which the gastronomic finds it very difficult to move forward. more bills without paying a dime Because they already have everything they need”, Krimer concluded.

Communication: how to make a franchise contract

creates communication Paper bags printed with advertising sold in retail stores to deliver our products to our customers and Replace harmful plastic bags. It is a non-traditional model of efficient and friendly communication with the environment, managed under franchisee format to expand.

,is the business of very little investment, With a high cost-benefit ratio and a quick amortization“, assures iProUP Leonardo Seita, not only for being the current owner of Ecomunicación, but also for being a franchisee before Luis D’Amico decided to retire and sell the business to him.

But the most interesting thing, Sita starts again, that is Each franchisee manages their own schedule and pace of work, then it can be your main or supplementary activity. “When I was a franchisee, I had my work in dependency relationship and communication was my part time job“, details of the entrepreneur, who has done till date 28 active franchiseesmainly in the province Buenos Aires and soon spain where it will be located to grow the brand.

The Ecominucación Franchise allows you to sell advertisements that will be printed on paper bags that are distributed to stores. Principal is recovered in four months

Investment to become a franchisee $299,000, This get well in four monthsTime with which a campaign runs 20,000 bags sold With about 20 sponsors.

,today our Campaigns generate approximately US$1,000 in profit, We believe that franchisees have to run multiple campaigns because the reality is He work is very easy: We sell ads and deliver bags, we take care of printing them”.

can be shopping bags give, sell or tradeaccording to the strategy that the franchisee considers best for maintaining its advertising distribution network.

Smartdrink: how to make a franchisee agreement

smart drink is a company established in 2013 specialized in Manufacture and sale of cocktails in capsulesA quick and practical option for preparing everything from the classic Martini to the Mojito at home.

Patricio Follatelli, Founder and President of the brand, markets the capsules through its own online store, also since the middle of last year through a network of 84 Franchise Which it hopes to continue thanks to the generous facilities it provides. There are two models of franchise model:

  • Necessary: Cost $94,990, includes all the marketing needed to use, train and sell a brand without competition in the Argentine market. “The economic advantage of this format is that There is no compulsion to buy the franchise“, explains Foltail

  • Pros: Cost $299,000 and includes the same as the base model plus Endorsements with celebrities and influencers and the possibility of Use Smartdrink’s headquarters in Palermo as a coworking or receive specific customers such as hotel managers, supermarket chains or gastronomy, as well as for product tasting and display

Patricio Folatelli is the inventor and president of Smartdrink, a capsule beverage business.

Patricio Folatelli is the inventor and president of Smartdrink, a capsule beverage business.

“The most interesting thing about this final draft is that it is now on promotion: You We Give Franchisees $299,000 in Capsules and Shakers, Thus, while reselling them recover 100% of the investment madeFoltelli says.

And he concludes: “Still the better the financial circuit it enters, because once the franchisee recovers $299,000, reinvests it in merchandise And with the discounts that you have for being a franchisee generates a stock for about $600,000, It’s a super promo.”