Atriz is the first company in Portugal to apply a new drug in prostate cancer

Atriz Health, a global company providing precision medical treatment, diagnosis and prevention services and a leader in next-generation telemedicine and radiotherapy, is the first company to implement this. new drug lutetium (Lu177-PSMA) in the treatment of a patient with prostate cancer in Portugal with theragnosis.

Nidanas, as its name indicates, is the union between diagnosis and therapy. originates from the region of nuclear Medicine and is characterized by the application of radiopharmaceuticals (or radioactively labeled molecules), which allows, at the same time, to effectively and directly diagnose and treat cancer and its metastases, avoiding damage to surrounding tissues. Is.

Treatment with Lu177-PSMA represents a Big innovation for prostate cancer patients And it uses a molecule that binds to PSMA—a protein present in the tumor cells of this gland that, when conjugated with the lutetium-177 isotope, will destroy the malignant cells. It is a new drug recently approved by European Medicines Agency, and that it is indicated for patients with metastases and progression of oncological disease following hormonal and/or chemotherapeutic treatments. The clinical trials that served as the basis for the approval of this drug by regulatory agencies showed that this treatment leads to a significant improvement in overall survival compared to conventional therapies.

First use of this treatment in Portugal It happened last Thursday in a patient with prostate cancer at one of three molecular medicine units in the Portuguese country of Atres.

“The presence of this new drug opens a new and promising line of application for the treatment of patients with prostate cancer in Portugal and the rest of the countries where we are present.” Antoine Giro, Managing Director of the Diagnostic Sector at AtrizSince it will be used by all Atries Cancer Centers in the world.

in the specific case of spainThe use of lutetium for certain types of cancer has already begun in some of the company’s health centers, for example, for the treatment of pediatric neuroendocrine cancer through the SIMM Atris Nuclear Medicine Center at Sant Joan de Deu de Barcelona Hospital. , one of the most important medical centers in the field of Pediatric Oncology worldwide.