Aubrey O’Day reveals she had sex with Donald Trump Jr in a ‘gay club bathroom’ for the first time.

Former Danity Kane member allegedly had affair with Trump Jr. during marriage to ex-wife Vanessa

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Aubrey O’Day, Donald Trump Jr.

more than a decade later aubrey o’dayhave a romantic relationship with Donald Trump Jr. While it’s over, she’s opening up about a very specific detail.

in an appearance on Michael Cohen’s ministry of external affairs guilty podcast Earlier this week, the former Danity Kane member claimed that he and Trump Jr. first had sex in the bathroom of a gay nightclub during an alleged affair between his marriage to his ex-wife. Vanessa,

O’Day, 39, claimed they first started a conversation via social media during Season 5 celebrity trainee, but it was not until the conclusion of the show that there was any physical contact between them. “I was hosting a gay club, and we were going out together for the first time — he wanted to see me so badly, and I said, ‘Okay, I’m going to a gay club tonight. ,'” he told Cohen, 56.

The “Damaged” singer said Trump Jr., 45, was brought to the club by her assistant when she was hosting “one of the biggest gay parties in New York.”

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John Wolfsohn/Getty, Bonnie Biss/Getty

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“It’s a huge f-ing club, and everybody’s in a G-string or less. I was just, in my soul, saying, ‘There’s no way the guy I’ve been dating for the past few months Looked favorably he would come to see me on this lovely land where I would have a chance to live,’ and he came,” recalled O’Day.

He reported that his assistant described Trump Jr. as “very comfortable” and “completely cool and nice with everybody”, noting that his behavior was “disrespecting the gay community” and jokes about “transgender women”. was different from what he had seen on his social media. more recently.

Aubrey O'Day Presley Ann/Getty Images

Aubrey O’Day Presley Ann/Getty Images

“I thought to myself, ‘Man, you were so comfortable in that gay club’ — so comfortable, in fact, that we went to the bathroom and, for the first time, had sex in a gay club bathroom,” O said. ‘Day.

“I had Spanx running from my neck to my knees because I’d fit in for some presses or whatever we were doing that day, and I wanted to be extra tight and skinny. He couldn’t remove these things from his life, and so We literally found a way to work around them,” the artist continued. “And for the rest of our relationship, he called me ‘Spanky’ because of these Spanks — otherwise it would have been one of the most humiliating stories ever, but it was him and me.”

A rep for Trump Jr. did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Astrid Stovierz/Getty Donald Trump Jr. and current partner Kimberly Guilfoyle

Astrid Stovierz/Getty Donald Trump Jr. and current partner Kimberly Guilfoyle

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While rumors swirled about the alleged affair over the years, O’Day publicly called Trump Jr. her “ex” for the first time during MTV’s 2019 season premiere. ex on the beach – shortly before calling her “spouse,

He told, “We both used to think that we are each other’s soulmate. It is something that we used to talk about often. Soulmate is someone with whom you spend a lifetime, a moment, some time And they are connected to each other. I did that with Don.” People in 2019. “We were passionate, connected, loyal and honest.”

At the time, O’Day expressed doubts about rekindling their romance. “I think he closed that chapter when he went in the direction that he did. He chose to live the life he’s in now and he’ll be the person he is now, and not this person who I fell in love with,” she said. Said.

trump jr got engaged kimberly guilfoyle In January 2022.

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