Aussie Margot Robbie gets a momentary miss for what ‘Barbie’ means in Australia – WATCH

During a recent interview with Australia’s Channel 10 talk show ProjectAustralian-born Margot Robbie penned a short homeland note while promoting her upcoming Warner Bros. film barbie In which she is playing the main character.

When Project After co-host Sam Taunton noted that the word “Barbie” did not always refer to the iconic doll in Oz, Robbie asked, “What does that mean here?” Surprised, the others in the studio exclaimed, “A barbecue!”

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Robbie covered his face between good-natured laughs and said, “Oh!”. Robbie explained her momentary blunder, saying, “I’m so Barbie now, I can’t even do it… You’re right, a Barbie is a Barbie.” She further added, “Well, I am blaming jet lag. Don’t blame the blonde, blame the jet lag.”

The term “Barbie” was popularized outside Australia in a series of 1980s TV commercials by the Australian Tourism Commission, presented by Crocodile Dundee himself, Paul Hogan, who offered “an extra prawn on the Barbie for you”. It was said to put

But ProjectIt was reported that no promotional tie-in was done for barbie and a “Barbie” during the film’s tour in Australia, of which Robbie said, “Now that you mention it, I’m deeply sorry it’s not like that. What a wasted opportunity… grrr.” , I’m really annoyed that we didn’t do anything like this.’ chimed in barbie Director Greta Gerwig, “After this we’ll grill you.”

barbieWhich to be fair has had a very strong marketing campaign without the Oz barbecue tie-in, begins the international rollout on July 19th and departs for North America on July 21st.

You can watch the funny interview exchange below:

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