Online Dating: Tips For Finding Love – iO Donna

memeet yours soulmate or simply have the opportunity to meet people outside one’s usual circle: previously viewed with a bit of suspicion, today theonline dating it is a widely accepted practice. In an increasingly connected world, dating apps and sites have multiplied in recent years, representing for many another opportunity to make new acquaintances and … Read more

How to deal with the pain of losing a mother doctor, My name is Francesca and I am writing to you because I am going through a bad time. I am 58 years old, the last of three children and, despite my age, the youngest of the house. I have always been very protected and pampered by parents and older siblings even as … Read more

Diabetes and blood glucose control: young people choose devices

LTechnology is advancing rapidly and rapidly to improve the lifestyle and health of people with diabetes. According to data from the 29th National Congress Sid (Italian Society of Diabetologists) that took place recently in Rimini, 4 out of 10 people use continuous blood sugar monitoring, although “we are still far from the indications of the … Read more

Menopause: warm water might help you

Svaginal dryness or recurrent cystitis: it is now known that the period of menopause can put a strain on the intimate health of many women. Valuable help, however, can come from‘thermal water, whose benefits have also proved useful for preventing and treating different genital tract disorders. Among the many properties of thermal water there is … Read more

Salmon, the beneficial properties of the king of parties

Prefined, delicious and with an inimitable taste, salmon is among the protagonists of the Christmas holidays. Besides being source of well-being, in particular proteins, vitamins, such as B6 and B12, phosphorus and selenium but also omega 3. In particular, the Royal salmona very special, and also rare, quality coming from distant New Zealand waters: «It … Read more

Christmas market against breast cancer: mammography objective

Un Christmas market rich, very rich in Christmas gift ideas original, good and beautiful, for all tastes and for all budgets. Even this year Association Dragonflies Onluswhich has been taking women’s health to heart since 2015 with breast and ovarian cancer through thehospitality and the follow-up sanitariohas organized a Market with the aim of buy … Read more

Premature aging in post-pandemic adolescents

  Lockdown, social distancing, solitude are some of the aspects of the Covid experience that they left deep marks on people and adolescents mostly. Signs on the body, but also and perhaps more in soul and mind since, as confirmed by several studies, they have contributed to increasing anxiety and psychological disorders. Premature aging for … Read more

The masks are back and not just for Covid

NAlthough they had become part of our culture, they have been going for weeks now masks are no longer used. Experts, however, suggest to return to this good practiceespecially as Christmas approaches. The possibilities that infections will increase are very concrete with dinner parties and family and friends gatherings. Although they have become part of … Read more