Banco Sabadell and its target of breaking 0.92 euros per share

Banco Sabadell and its target of breaking 0.92 euros per share

Since the problems and subsequent bankruptcies of regional banks in the United States on March 10, Banco Sabadell has been facing the full designs of the market, which has completely changed the outlook for its shares in just two months. . the two lives that held him, With a single day increase of 10% after 2022 results and whose push This propelled him to earn up to 1,334 euros per share, his highest for the year, of which he is already down 45%.

Now, clearly down to the euro, the truth is that there are analysts who support the course after its quarterly results. This is the case with experts at JP Morgan, who reaffirm their commitment to buy value after accounts and With a target price of 1.55 euros per share and a potential upside of 38%, which they give it.

Others, the truth is, they are not so optimistic, although they continue to give it a wide margin, as is the case with HSBC, He reduced his potential improvement in value to a maximum of 1.30 euros per share, Down from the yearly high from its previous PO of 1.44 euros per share. That’s what CFRA Research Value stands for, even after its quarterly results.

In its price chart, shares of Banco Sabadell have declined double digits in the past month and have barely maintained their gains so far this year. After losing a good portion of what was harvested, 3.93%.

Banco Sabadell Annual Price of Price

Javier Alfayte, GPM analyst reports that Banco Sabadell “1,002 euros per share is the level that should be crossed To try to reverse that bearish trend that the price established a few weeks back. but i would be out

Banco Sabadell “recently activates the structure of decreasing maximums and minimums after drilling down to €0.9286 / €0.9090 per share, a movement that threatens the viability of the increasing funds guideline initiated from the year 2020 minimums. A daily scale at oversold readings can generate some rebound in price, which will not have an impact until it moves higher The intermediate resistance zone covers around €1.12 / €1.1015 per share”as indicated Investment Strategies Financial Market Analyst, Jose Antonio Gonzalez.

Banco Sabadell Annual Listing Price

Moving in this direction, from the premium strength indicators that Strategius de Inversion produces, we see that it has turned from neutral to strong, with a medium term that is still weak, but in the long term, it is very strong. Appears to be strong, operating in search of reversal data and buying on support while doing so under the risk of accumulation of overbought and bearish data.

Banco Sabadell is trading at a strong discount to market BBVA of 6.5v, Santander K’s 6.2v pays only 5.13v per copy, compared to CaixaBank’s 7.5v and Bankinter’s 6.5v.

The investment strategy expert confirms that “it is also very undervalued to book value, with Sabadell’s price to book value of just 0.37v, the highest discount in the sector. The profitability on the dividend is not negligible.” and repurchase of shares. Based on our fundamental assessment reWe reiterate a positive recommendation for Banco Sabadell Securities with a long-term investment horizon.”

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