Banco Santander still punished, which level should you not lose?

Banco Santander is one of the values ​​that lost the most ground in the month of May, with the decline reaching almost 13%. The market has been very aware of banks following the crisis that began in regional institutions in the United States following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

still their shadow The problem of banking crisis still persists According to Javier Lorenzo, manager of the GPM Asignacion Táctica Fund. “So, now it’s very difficult for investors to trust the banks. For now, until some time passes, I think these doubts will continue.” And then, on the other hand, it seems like it’s already clear that we’ve reached or are close to the limit for rate hikes; In theory, sooner or later it will start with a fall in rates and a fall in rates is not positive, nor is it for the banking sector. “So, two very important things come together that I think lead us to write off banks a little bit or be on the sidelines.”

Santander’s own case, as its graph shows, fell, rebounded somewhat, but fell again.

Santander Bank

Experts say that the zone it should not lose and where it has support is 3.05 – 3.04 EUR, “because they will be serious problems and obviously we will have to forget about the price for a while.”