Bankinter, Banco Sabadell or Unicaja: which medium-sized bank has the most potential?

Bankinter, Banco Sabadell or Unicaja: which medium-sized bank has the most potential?

Bankinter is the medium-sized bank of the IBEX 35 that in its opinion presents the highest potential Citigroup Analysts, The US firm today reviewed the valuation of the bank headed by Maria Dolores DancausaRevised target price to €7.50From the last 7.30 Euro.

new valuation represents a Upside potential of 46% As for Bankinter’s shares, which are experiencing a very difficult 2023 on the stock market: they fell by 17% in accumulated for the year, a punishment that has left the market capitalization at around 4,600 million euros.

In its latest communication to the market, Bankinter announced that its profit rose by 19.7% to 184.7 million euros in the first quarter of the year, despite paying 77 million euros for a new tax on banks.

Citigroup analysts also see more than enough potential in Unicaja Banco, from a 39,6%, However, today he has decided to cut the target price of his shares, increasing from the previous 1.34 euros. 1,29 euro,

Unicaja Banco shares are down 6.1% so far in 2023, with a current market value of around 2,450 million euros.

Unicaja earned EUR 34 million in the first quarter of the year, down 43.2% due to the impact of a temporary tax on bank accounts.

Also cut for Banco Sabadell. Citigroup Analysts Pin target price in 1 euro, compared to the previous 1.13 euros. This makes it the mid-sized bank on the Ibex 35 with the lowest potential for a US firm, and 8.22% Compared to Tuesday’s close yesterday.

However, it should be taken into account that Banco Sabadell starts from a somewhat better position than the other two, with a 4.3% increase in 2023 that would propel its market capitalization to €5,170 million.

After allocating 157 million for the payment of an extraordinary tax on banks, the unit closed the first quarter with an attributable net profit of 205 million euros, down 4% compared to the same period last year; Without the impact of this tax, it would have earned 361 million, up 69.4% compared to the first quarter of 2022.

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