Banks come to the province’s express ATMs

Provincia Leasing launches a series of non-banking ATMs with an aim to expand network in local businesses and service stations

President of Leasing ProvinceValeria Dallera, and CEO LinkDiego Juarez signed a deal that promotes a lease line For acquisition of non-bank atm,

,Express Cashier” They provide benefits for both businesses dealing with cash and the population as a whole. These are the new ATM terminals across the country, with a focus on the province Buenos Aires,

The agreement provides for the possibility of purchasing ATMs financed by lease for cooperation between the two companies.

In this way, any business with cash handling can install an ATM on its premises through financing in pesos 100% of the asset, including installation, training and support for operating the ATM.

These businesses may be service stations, collection complexes, drug stores, supermarkets or mutuals, among others. The main benefit for businesses would be to avoid the cost of transferring cash to a bank branch.

In addition, customers of this business and residents of the area, will be able to have a new cash withdrawal point closeness and comfort,

expand network

“For Provincia Leasing, this means expanding and diversifying our leasing lines. At the same time, commercial projections will be strengthened through specific actions with and above Banco Provincia customers. 400 branchesAnd it will also contribute to financial inclusion”, highlighted Dallera.

Along the same lines, he highlighted: “Since Leasing Province We innovate in the service of developing financing instruments with economic and social benefits, given that this is the first time that leasing is used for the acquisition of ATMs”.

Express Tailor Increases its development throughout the country. It has more than 800 ATMs Third network in Argentina, and the first network of non-financial ATMs.

For his part, Diego Juárez, CEO of Link, expressed: “Its success is due to the fact that it offers a comprehensive solution for cash management in stores and, in turn, generates new income for those who buy it.” Is.”

Of the tune, he added: “More than 30,000,000 annual transactions And its continued growth reflects the good reception of Cajero Express among users”.

Express Tailor Provides the user with a wide range of operations, such as cash withdrawal, balance inquiry and account movement, transfers, deposits and payment of services, etc.

Bank provides more capillary

Banco Provincia seeks to provide more capillarity

ATM without additional cost

Furthermore, it allows businesses to increase the number of customers from the increased flow of visitors generated by the ATM.

ATMs of this new network are installed in public buildings and shops, which recharge the unit with the cash flow they receive.

User can:

  • Withdraw Debit Card
  • cash advance with credit card
  • balance inquiry

You can work with all network cards Link, Banelco, Visa Plus, MasterCard and American Express, at no extra cost,