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WWE Money in the Bank 2023 turned out to be another unforgettable international pay-per-view, featuring the return of Drew McIntyre, a surprise appearance from John Cena and Roman Reigns’ first pinfall loss since 2019.

Over the past two months, WWE has consistently hit it out of the park with its major events outside the US. First Backlash, then Night of Champions and now Money in the Bank. WWE hopes he stays safe massive new tv contract Later this year, the company’s storylines and PPVs are well timed.

At the Money in the Bank show, which featured a shocking turn from Shayna Baszler and a big night for Mr. Money in the Bank Damian Priest, WWE had plenty of moments that fans in the internet wrestling community flocked to throughout the week Will remain

Here are the best and worst moments from WWE Money in the Bank 2023.

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Best No. 5: Shayna Baszler picks Ronda Rousey

WWE pulled off a major upset when Shayna Baszler attacked Ronda Rousey mid-match, surprisingly costing the pair their Women’s Tag Team Titles. At least superficially, it was completely illogical for Baszler to intentionally lose the championship.

But it’s been known for a long time that Baszler and Rousey want to fight with each other, which makes sense considering their real-life friendship and similarities in the ring. While this move may not bode well for the women’s tag team division as a whole, it could help refresh both Baszler and Rousey as top women’s singles stars.

After all, both stars have been as cold as ice for the past year or two, but suddenly, they feel renewed and revived.

Best No. 4: Io Skye becomes Miss Money in the Bank

IO Sky enters Money in the Bank runaway favorite To win the women’s briefcase, and she did exactly that.

With the London crowd firmly behind them, the “Genius of the Sky” was able to handcuff Bayley and Becky Lynch together, climb a ladder, and become Miss Money in the Bank.

At the start of her main roster tenure, Sky looked set to become the latest NXT standout to feud on Raw and SmackDown. But Sky really began to emerge as a top fan favorite at Backlash when she battled Bianca Belair in a great match, and WWE finally decided to pursue her at Money in the Bank. smart move.

Best No. 3: Drew McIntyre Returns

WWE and Drew McIntyre reportedly said be confused for months over creative and contractual issues. Well, it appears those issues have been resolved.

The two-time former WWE Champion reacted angrily to confront Gunther, who had recently defeated Matt Riddle to retain the Intercontinental Championship. The live crowd in London went wild when McIntyre hit Gunther with a claymore kick to create one of the most memorable moments of the show.

McIntyre’s potential WWE exit has been a hot topic for months, so now that he’s back and has his eye on Gunther, it’s a great sign that he’ll be in WWE for the long haul.

Worst No. 2: Seth Rollins Vs. finn balor underwhelms

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Finn Balor and Seth Rollins felt like a TV match – a clear take on the issues developing between Balor and his Judgment Day friend Damian Priest, the new Mr. Money in the Bank.

Balor and Rollins have shown many times in the past that they have great chemistry, but their Money in the Bank match never really shifted into another gear. Also, it ended abruptly due to a stomp from Priest and Rollins, possibly due to accidental distractions.

What could have been a show-stealing world title match was just a good bout that made the new world title trend feel like an afterthought.

Best No. 2: John Cena returns, WrestleMania begins in London

Drew McIntyre wasn’t the only WWE star to make his first appearance since WrestleMania 39. John Cena used to do the same.

The 16-time World Champion and longtime face of WWE also brought with him some news: He’s trying to bring WrestleMania to London. What a blockbuster announcement from Cena, who didn’t make anything official but noted that he was trying to convince WWE officials to bring their flagship show to the best wrestling city in the world.

Cena’s return and subsequent announcement sent shockwaves throughout the pro wrestling world and WWE fans have been buzzing about the possibility of the first ever WrestleMania being held in England. In a night full of newsworthy events, perhaps nothing was more newsworthy than Cena teasing that WrestleMania is finally heading to the UK.

Worst No. 1: Damian Priest wins the men’s briefcase instead of L.A. Knight

Damian Priest is one of WWE’s best upper midcarders, a favorite of Triple H and someone who is seen as a top tier star by WWE Management. But that’s not L.A. Night.

While it’s not hard to see why WWE chose Priest as the 2023 men’s Money in the Bank winner, it Is It’s hard to understand why Knight didn’t win it. Similar to Sami Zayn in 2022, Knight has become the hottest star in WWE and has done so organically.

You only needed to listen to the reaction of the crowd in London to see that WWE fans were desperate for Knight to win the briefcase and, potentially, become a future World Champion. Who knows, maybe WWE has a long-term plan to elevate Knight eventually, but for now, his failure to win a men’s MITB match is undoubtedly a questionable booking decision.

Best #1: Roman Reigns finally gets pinned

WWE had protected Roman Reigns more than any star in recent history, but at Money in the Bank, he was pinned by his cousin Jey Uso for the first time since December 2019.

An epic Bloodline Civil War match culminated in one of the biggest upsets of all time as Reigns went 1-2-3 for the first time in three and a half years. result-one of two endings considered The feud between Reigns and the duo of Solo Sequoia and The Usos was both surprising and necessary.

What has kept this three-year-long storyline so interesting is its tendency to twist and turn, and no blow was greater than Reigns’ loss to Jay at Money in the Bank. Now, there are several different directions WWE could take this story, and virtually all of them are extremely interesting.

However, expect to see Jay vs. Reigns for the Undisputed Universal title at SummerSlam as a potential match of the year candidate.

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