Binance Backs Alianza Fintech Iberoamérica

Fintech Iberoamerica 2023, the organization’s first official publication, brings together 1,800 companies from the regional fintech universe. all the details

The fintech industry was one of the fastest growing in recent times, with hundreds of companies born to provide Financial Solutions 4.0,

In the same episode in 2017 Fintech Iberoamerica AllianceA space for collaboration and exchange that brings together Chambers and fintech associations of countries in the region,

Recently, the unit published its first article, which proposes to support the substantial size of the industry and provide a comprehensive plan of visualization, understanding and recognition of the area,

Now, after making itself known, a sector very close to financial technology has shown its support for the agency’s activity: cryptocurrencies.

Binance Backs Alianza Fintech Iberoamérica

Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain infrastructure providercelebrated the official launch of Fintech Iberoamerica 2023is seeking to renew its commitment to Growth of the crypto and blockchain ecosystem,

Initiative that brings together over 1,800 fintech companies 2,500 associates including the Argentina Fintech Chamber and it is proposed to be a reference to Entrepreneur, Investor, Regulator, Researcher and even technology and finance enthusiasts, appears as an example of innovative potential of the sector,

Binance, the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange, shows its support for the Ibero-American Fintech Alliance

Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, shows its support for Alianza Fintech Iberoamerica

“The fintech sector is driving technological and productive transformation in Latin America, and this survey confirms all the power it holds in terms of growth opportunities for our countries,” said Daniel Mangabeira, VP of Institutional Relations for Latin America.

“In this sense, Binance joins the effort of Alianza Fintech Iberoamerica.” Identify, categorize and promote all the blockchain developments that will lead the economy of tomorrowMangabiera was added.

For his part, Ignacio Plaza, President of the Argentine Fintech Chamber, described the Ibero-American Fintech Alliance as a central place to unite and empower chambers and associations in the region, positioning objectives, information and good practices. shared.

And he said: “This year, The presidency of the institution corresponds to Argentina. And we are proud that we have been able to realize Fintech Iberoamerica Publications, a colossal work of compilation and analysis of information related to the Ibero-American Fintech universe. We congratulate all the teams involved and we are committed to continuing this initiative that elevates the role of the region in the international ecosystem.”

more than 128,000,000 users worldwideCommunicates and works in collaboration with Binance regulators, legislators and governments for the development of a safe environmentCommitted to regulation of the sector that allows the development of the industry for the benefit of the whole society while guaranteeing a safe environment that encourages innovation.

Alianza Fintech Iberoamerica: what the first publication of the organization tells

In introductory chapters, chambers and associations are introduced, highlighting key development milestones and addressing challenges presented by the industry. Trade, Technology, Investment, Employment Generation, Talent Promotion, Regionalization and Regulatory Aspects,


The unit’s publications address the challenges presented by the industry in terms of business, technology, investment, job creation, talent promotion, regionalization and regulatory aspects.

then introduce Nine verticals that make up the ecosystemAt the regional level to identify the sector companies according to their respective:

  1. digital payment
  2. debt and crowdfunding
  3. Technology for Financial Institutions (Fintech as a Service)
  4. virtual assets
  5. financial assets and capital markets
  6. Personal Finance Management and Financial Counseling
  7. insurtech
  8. business Finance
  9. disruptive financial institution

The last section is devoted to the need to promote a Comprehensive Regulatory Overview of Ibero-America Which makes a conclusion for publication.

Also, in this final paragraph, it is proposed to promote commitment and cohesion in this area and to open up reflection and debate for the development of the industry in general.