Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Prices: Wednesday, May 17

BTC and major cryptocurrencies started the day with numbers in the red. Expert Forecast for the Rest of the Year

After hitting a new all-time high (ATH) above $68,500 In November 2021, the price of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and the rest of the market did not stop the bleeding that affected the entire ecosystem.

And, a few months ago, the entire sector was hit by a new brutal downturn that set off alarm bells for investors and “Crypto Winter”.

Bitcoin This morning its price declined and its price was located at $26,889.

There was so much fluctuation in the price of digital currency in the last 24 hours -0.55%.

Furthermore, its market capitalization is $520.91B and operate 19,375,893 BTC,

Bitcoin price movements so far this year.  Source:

Bitcoin price movements so far this year. Source:

Platform to buy and sell cryptocurrency pebblesBTC Reaches Value This Wednesday $13,310,648 for purchase and $12,309,214 for sale, with variation -0.08%.

It should be noted that this new value is tied to the parallel dollar in Argentina.

BTC Price (Source: Ripio)

BTC Price (Source: Ripio)

Price of main cryptocurrencies:

  • Ethereum: $1,806
  • Tether: $1.00
  • BNB: $309.93
  • USD Coin: $0.99
  • XRP: $0.44
  • Cardano: $0.36
  • Dogecoin: $0.073
  • polygon: $0,85
  • Solana $20.66
  • Polkadot: $5.30
  • Tron $0.07
  • Litecoin: $92.51
  • Babysitter: $0.99
  • Avalanche: $14.86

What can be expected for bitcoin by 2023?

in conversation with iProUPVarious experts from the crypto ecosystem share their expectations regarding the future of BTC.

Mattias Bari, co-founder of the Satoshi Tango exchange, warned that although futurology is very difficult to do, imagine A quiet 2023 for the ecosystem, but still with the brunt of crypto winter.

“I don’t see a huge increase in volume, but regulation is an issue that will be on the agenda and it will set a good precedent for removing bad actors from the ecosystem,” he admits.

The most pessimistic forecast puts BTC below $10,000 in 2023

The most pessimistic forecast puts BTC below $10,000 in 2023

For his part, Gabriel Vago, CEO and founder of ArgenBTC exchange, believes the cryptocurrency will continue to decline in 2023 and expects its value to drop below five figures.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see bitcoin take on values ​​of U$8.000,he says with concern.

Camilo Rodríguez of Cryto Rocket and co-founder of Cracademia Academy, shares Vago’s vision and The lateralization seen in 2022 is said to continue,

“Bitcoin will move between $14,000 And $18,100 About. It’s a wide range, with low volume and little liquidity, as was the case in 2018.”Adds and warns that “there will be sudden movements from corner to corner, with sporadic upward trends, but which will generate a subsequent downward spiral.”