Can bitcoin hit record highs?

Can bitcoin hit record highs?

In-spite of this Bitcoin $30,000 turned downCrypto analysts remain positive on the price. Credibull Crypto told on twitter Major Cryptocurrencies Could Be Heading To All-Time HighsAccording to daily hodl,

Credible noted that while liquidity gap Often filled in for multiple financial assets, no specific rules,

Analysts say they don’t expect $20,000 gap to be filled soon,

“The $20,000 gap is what many are watching and using as justification for a deeper pullback from current levels.

If I am correct about my thesis for a new all-time high in 2023, that gap should be left blank.

If you ask me which comes first: $20,000 or $70,000+, I’ll say $70,000+.”

reliable says Heading straight up without much consolidation is the most painful and unpredictable scenarioAnd much less clear that this is more specific to bitcoin.

“It is very convenient and easy to allow everyone who flushed over the last six months to reload their positions and happily reach new all-time highs in time with stops.

Over 70% of all existing BTC was concentrated in wallets that did not vomit in the 3AC (Three Arrows Capital) or FTX crashes and that historically did not initiate significant volumes of selling to new all-time highs.

No year round side action in my opinion. Straight to a new all-time high this year.

while commenting Elon Musk’s tweet What did he say ,The funniest outcome is the most likely”, Credible applies it to bitcoin. Using Musk’s logic, analysts say that A sudden move to all-time highs this year is the most likely outcome for bitcoin.

“New bitcoin is at an all-time high in 2023 amid the banking crisis, while most are waiting for the halving in 2024-2025.

Certainly more entertaining than the boring horizontal price action in BTC over the next couple of years,” Credible said.

Bitcoin It is trading in an uptrend on Tuesday at $27,100 and is below the 70-period EMA over the past few candles.

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