Carrefour launches its own virtual prepaid card: Here’s how it works

The Carrefour hypermarket chain incorporated a new digital product to financially include people without access to formal credit. Description

The finance sector was one of the ones that witnessed the most digital transformation changes in recent times across all its cross-sections.

in this context, The number of fintech companies in Argentina has multipliedEach one of them offers a different product and service.

However, not only fintechs have joined the trend: a retail giant announced a new digital financial product that promisesGo crazy‘ to his customers.

Carrefour launches its virtual prepaid card to compete with fintech companies

is about CARREFOURFrench multinational supermarket, which confirmed the launch of its new virtual prepaid card,

Company expands loyalty program my carrefour and through Bank for Financial Services (BSF) introduced a brand new product aimed at Include 1,000,000 people financially,

According to a report by the Central Bank, it is estimated that only 35.6% of adults living in the country have a credit card issued by a financial institution.

French supermarket giant Carrefour announces the launch of its own virtual prepaid card

French supermarket giant Carrefour announces the launch of its own virtual prepaid card

Mi Carrefour focuses on this problem and aims to provide a tool for those who cannot access the financial ecosystem to do so my carrefour prepaid, New rechargeable means of payment issued by BSF,

“With the Prepaid Mi Carrefour Card, we want to provide an alternative to all those who cannot access a credit product. We promote financial inclusion within a loyalty program that is available both inside and outside Carrefour branches. will benefit,” said Mariana Lope, Chairperson and General Manager of BSF.

“It’s designed to be a scalable system, depending on where prepaid card usageWe share a commitment with our clients and customers: Help them build their financial history so they can access credit“, He added.

My Prepaid Carrefour: how the new virtual card of the multinational company works

financial services bank, which has more 500,000 Active MasterCard Credit CardWill be in charge of completing the credit history of each person requesting the card my carrefour prepaid,

Depending on their individual behavior, the entity may offer you the Mi Carrefour Crédito card after a period of analysis, along with other products it offers such as:

  • personal loan
  • Insurance
  • helps

,my daring carrefour‘ is the name given to this program and it is composed of already running programs My Classic Carrefour, for discounts and promotions within Carrefour storeswhich is now added my carrefour prepaidthrough which you can Access a reloadable MasterCard card,


The benefits app of the Virtual Card series arrives at Tarjeta Mi Carrefour

The final level of this program is my carrefour credit, a mastercard credit card, For the last two people will have a mobile application.card my carrefour,

The app allows you to load money, pay with QR and access promotions, coupons and discounts in the areas of gastronomy, entertainment and tourism, both inside and outside Carrefour branches.

Furthermore, it provides the possibility of Request personal loans, contract insurance and installment financing,

“We want our customers to save on every purchase they make. With this new program, each level will enable different benefits and discounts that they can easily access through their cell phone with the Mi Carrefour Card application, Francisco Zorroza said. , Director of Corporate Affairs of Carrefour Argentina.

My Carrefour: what benefits does the program offer

The advent of virtual cards brings with it something different Promotions and discounts on everyday consumer products outside the supermarket, such as in Axion Service Station or in Gastronomy and entertainment venues,

in the matter of Credit Carddiscounts are high and installment finance,

d card

The advent of virtual cards brings with it various offers and discounts on daily consumption products outside supermarkets

All those people who have subscribed to the Mi Carrefour discount program will still receive the same benefits, just by presenting their ID number.

to use my daring carrefour and request prepaid or credit card, it is necessary to download this app card my carrefouravailable for Android And iOS Or enter the section ‘’.