Hallux valgus so you can put your neckline back on

For God’s sake, the sneakers are beautiful and comfortable, and now they go with everything. But we want to put a pair of Blahinks? However, because of the big toe, sandals and stilettos remain in the shoe rack. Y every time they try to put on they are painful. Even strong. because at some point … Read more

Exercises to manage anger: remedies to contain it

Anger is one of the emotions that everyone feels and is handled differently by everyone.. If there are people who repress it, others physically vent it. However, both ways are not the most appropriate: as many experts explain, must be channeled, and not repressed, without having attitudes out of control. For this, many exercises have … Read more

Cracked Nose Cold: Creams and Natural Remedies

youBetween the seasonal flu and common colds, our skin, especially around the nose and mouth area, is put to the test in this period. A disturbance, minor but not to be overlooked, with which half of Italy lives. Here then is the Remedies for the cracked nose and dry lips.. Broken nose, don’t underestimate the … Read more