Cherophobia: meaning, causes and curiosities

“C”herophobia”, that is, the fear of being happy has become almost a catchphrase thanks to Martina Attilio one of the competitors FactorX12 who showed up at the auditions with a song of the same name. An exciting piece, in which the young artist perfectly explained what it is about: it’s not negativity anxiety that it even takes your breath away. Let’s find out where chemophobia originates and how it affects the lives of those who experience it.

A way of facing life

“It does not appear in the diagnostic manual of psychiatry, then it is not a psychiatric syndrome but an attitude, a way of being in the world, of facing life. When you suffer from stomach pain, you need to understand its causes. Is the pain attributable to something we ate or perhaps being hit in the stomach? The cure will be very different. Even for chemophobia, the first step is to understand its cause. In many cases the symptom is the cure that is, it manifests itself as a Defense mechanism, almost a kind of compensation, the solution that I implement to face a bigger problem. And that is why I give up happiness to ward off the pain”, explains Doctor Marinella Cozzolinopsychotherapist, clinical, and creator of Dimmy. it, the online psychologist 7 days a week.

how it manifests

«Like any other phobia, it manifests itself with an aversion, a very strong rejection, an avoidance, terror in the face of a specific situation. there is an anxiety disorder that makes happiness terrifying. It’s anticipatory anxiety which in turn derives from the need for control. In the experience of most people, happiness is a feeling of well-being that separates you from the world. It is the apotheosis of letting go, of standing three meters above the sky. Therefore, anyone who needs control cannot accept such a situation, “stresses the expert.

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Cherophobia – the fruit of education

“Very often the need for control is the result of an educational protocol. How many times were we told as children, at the height of our entertainment, that not scream? Actually, those of the children who rejoice They are not screams but expressions of happiness. In some Asian cultures, then, there is a custom of putting the hand over mouth when laughing. how to say that happiness is not displayed, perhaps because there may be someone nearby who is suffering, or simply because it is impolite to do so. Therefore, by etiquette, by educational form, entertainment, the moment of well-being is already locked as a child» continues Dr. Cozzolino.

how do you fix it

“Not being pathology but a character trait you need to understand what affects the functionality of the person. In some cases can make life more complex even to those who do not have this problem. An attitude of abandonment is heavy for the couple and for the family. “Shall we go out to dinner?”, “No, there is traffic, we spend money, we can’t find parking”. defensive attitude and rejection of the new experience and potentially enjoyable becomes disabling as well for the couple and for the children. Therefore, if it is a limiting problem for one’s life and that of others, it is better to resort to treatment. Psychotherapy will focus on anxiety, on solving the advantage that this avoidance entails and on the need to control, “suggests the expert.


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