City of Buenos Aires hikes ticket price by another $11

Like the official dollar, the bill in the informal market continues to rise in price. what about financial dollars

He dollar blue continues its upward trend raise $11 and marketing $488 per unit In the main exchange houses and caves of the city of Buenos Aires.

Talking about the foreign exchange market, the retail dollar $242.36 averageWith an increase of 98 cents over yesterday’s closing price.

The central bank closed the session with a positive balance of US$40 million, extending the buying streak to eight consecutive sessions, with nearly US$50 million of payments for energy imports recorded on the day.

Today’s results follow the launch of the new version of the Export Enhancement Program (PIE), with a temporary differential exchange rate of $300 per dollar for the soybean complex and regional economies.

“Thus, the balance for the month of May – after the sale of the first wheels – reflects a negative balance of US$51 million,” said Gustavo Quintana, an analyst at PR Corridores de Cambio.

Market sources explained that within the framework of the so-called soybean dollar, operations for close US$110 million,

The blue dollar in the city caves has reached $ 488 per unit

The blue dollar in the city caves has reached $ 488 per unit

Blue Dollar Up $11: What Happened to the “Other” Dollar?

In the Stock segment, dollar counts with liquidation (CCL) advances 2.4% $484.27, Whereas mep dollar rises 1.1% $442.57In the final stretch of the wheel.

In this wholesale marketThe US currency ended with a gain of 40 cents compared to the previous closing. $231.10,

Thus dollar with a surcharge of 30% -PAÍS CONSIDERED IN TAX-, MARKED AS AVERAGE $315.07 per unitand with that Advance on account of income tax of 35% Regarding purchase of foreign exchange $399.89,

Meanwhile, the dollars earmarked for tourism abroad -and whose rate was located in 45%- $424.13Whereas Dollars for purchases over U$300 -and which has an additional tax of 25%-, was located in $484.72,

traded volume in cash clause was higher than US$ 312 million, In this futures area of ​​the electronic open market (mae) gone U$7 million, while in Rofex futures market was traded by US$ 377 million,