Country singer Kelsea Ballerini gets banged in the face during performance

Kelsea Ballerini hurt after bracelet being thrown on stage

Kelsea Ballerini was hit in the face with a bracelet during the show


Country music singer Kelsea Ballerini’s concert was briefly halted after she was hit in the face by a bracelet while she was on stage. This was the latest in a series of incidents involving female singers. were attacked or had objects thrown at them during the show.

Video of the incident posted on social media showed Ballerini being hit in the face by a bracelet thrown from the audience during Wednesday’s performance in Boise, Idaho.

The video shows Ballerini apparently reacting to being hit and stopping her performance before walking off stage.

The country star addressed the incident on Instagram, saying she was more scared than hurt and that she left the stage to “cool down.”

“Hi. I’m fine. Someone threw a bracelet, it hit my eye and it scared me more than it hurt,” she wrote on her Instagram story. “The triggers and layers of fear in all of us are much deeper than what is shown, and that is why I walked off stage to calm down and to make sure that I, the band and crew and the crowd were all feel safe to continue. That’s what I’ve always wanted, to make the show feel like a safe place for all of us.”

He also addressed the incident on Instagram Post Along with pictures from the show, he wrote, “PS- I’m fine, let’s do a better job of keeping each other safe on the show. ily.)”

Last week, pop star Ava Max was slapped by a concert-goer who climbed onto the stage during her performance.

The singer said on social media that she had injured her eye and that the person who hit her has been banned from performing in the future.

A few days ago, singer Bebe Rexha was phone smack in the face Thrown by an audience member during a concert in New York City.

Nicolas Malvagna, 27, was taken into custody and later charged with assault for allegedly throwing the phone at him.

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