Cracked Nose Cold: Creams and Natural Remedies

youBetween the seasonal flu and common colds, our skin, especially around the nose and mouth area, is put to the test in this period. A disturbance, minor but not to be overlooked, with which half of Italy lives. Here then is the Remedies for the cracked nose and dry lips..

Redness around nose: Causes, treatment, home remedies, and more

Broken nose, don’t underestimate the problem

Constantly blowing your nose to clear mucus is the obvious cause of dry skin. Continuous rubbing leads to skin irritation, especially if the skin is in the case of children. It seems like a minor disorder, but if neglected it can lead to the formation of ulcerations in the nasal passages.

In fact, a cracked nose is not just a reddening of the skin but a real dermatological disorder, which can cause pain: the cuticles in the area of ​​the nostrils can evolve towards the formation of small cuts and fissures. Epidermal dryness worsens the situation and the abundant production of mucus can make it unbearable. The infected secretions, in fact, by penetrating the sores of the nostrils, cause very painful inflammations.

Chapped lips, another side effect

Many times, always as a consequence of the cold, we end up suffering from chapped and dry lips. This is because when you breathe hard through your nose, you tend to breathe through your mouth. Here are the solutions to reduce the hassle. But even cracked nose remedies are also great for moisturizing your lips. When ordinary lip balm just won’t cut it.

Cracked nose remedies

The first tip to reduce disturbance is blowing your nose gently and undergoing frequent nasal washes, that they clean properly and avoid the constant use of a handkerchief. And always hydrate abundantly by drinking water and herbal teas.

The first remedy in case of reddening of the nose is… moisturizing cream, which should be applied to the nostrils and the entire external part of the nose. Traditionally, you could opt for Vaseline-based creams, capable of retaining hydration at the epidermal level. But today they exist natural products that help decongest, calm, hydrate

Natural medicine

Among the decongestant creams in case of a red nose there are natural ones, which contain phytotherapeutic principles, based on chamomile, mallow, orange blossom and forest fruits. Its action is anti-inflammatory, soothing and antiseptic.

If the nose is cracked, the suggestion is to choose richer products: it is no longer necessary only to soothe but also to nourish the skin. Well the ones based on shea butter or flaxseed oil. Or sesame or argan oil, which thanks to the high concentration of vitamin E contributes to the regeneration of tissues, reducing inflammation in a short time.

The most suitable herbal preparations with a calming and decongesting action against a cracked nose are often based on plant resins derived from aloe veraperhaps mixed with jojoba oil: they are capable of isolating the nasal mucosa, creating a kind of lipid film that has an effective barrier effect.

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