Dark Energy Feminine: A trend on TikTok involves women

Ithe dark side of women For many centuries it was left aside, and often even silenced, by patriarchal societies that did not want women to explore their deepest, often unconscious dark side. That same side, the Feminine Dark Energy, which is now It has become a trend on TikTok: with more than 500 million visits. The weaker sex puts aside its more welcoming and feminine connotation to rediscover and reappropriate a side of itself that is often underestimated.

Dark Energy Feminine: TikTok’s all-female trend

Saint or prostitute. These are the two dualities on which the masculine vision of women has always been based. And obviously the kind, welcoming, passive, fundamentally submissive to man, has always been the best view. Tik Tok however, it is helping to bring out his darker side again, that feminine dark energy very often hidden.

“Since ancient times, women have been associated with darkness, considered close to night and the moon. In both religion and mythology, the archetypal duality of the vision of women as Saints or Witches has conditioned the light-shadow vision that surrounds the feminine. In this sense, being a woman had to correspond to the denial of those characteristics. considered negative such as anger, sexuality, instinct, sadness, creativity, the unconscious, in favor of more acceptable characteristics such as kindness, passivity, submission, or more tolerable forms of feminine expression for society. In fact, the dark feminine has always been rejected with respect to a divine vision of women,” explains the Dr. Loredana Musella, psychologist and EMDR therapist. However, despite having always been opposed, the dark side is completely a part of the woman.

TikTok and Female Dark Energy: a simple social phenomenon?

It is in this context that dark energy female trend emerges on TikTok with more than 500 million visits. Although the vision that social networks give is closely linked to the purely seductive aspect and is based a lot on the concept of a bewitching and even slightly manipulative woman, there are actually many feminist theories at the base.

Reading and books as a form of psychotherapy, to get to know yourself better

Reading and books as a form of psychotherapy, to get to know yourself better

«The theoretical foundations are based on feminist theories that find support in the need to free women from preconceptions and patriarchal social rules. At the base there is a different way of being feminine and a conception of feminism that gives ample space to what is most hidden in one, based on the assumption that these aspects are also part of women and, in general, of people. At the base is the idea of reappropriate and recover one’s dark energy by bringing out the deepest, darkest and most uncomfortable feelings for society».

How to bring out your dark side?

At the base, then, is the idea of don’t hold back anymore. But, indeed, having free space, exploring and face your fears but also your needs, desires and follow your instincts: «Removing this side means being closer to the deepest and truest part of oneself, it means working on one’s own shadow, eliminating negative beliefs and welcoming thoughts and emotions in continuous evolution. Therefore, bringing out the dark feminine energy can be a first step in moving from victim to agent of change or meaning. Being able to claim and legitimize one’s desires and needs whatever nature they are”.

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How to do then? “For example open to meditation because through this practice a mind-body-spirit connection is developed that helps to enter into a relationship with deep emotions. It is important to learn to let go thoughts and feelings flow through the mind observing them without judgment through the development of awareness and stillness. accept vulnerability fully accept yourself and prepare for change in the awareness that what is wrong must be changed. At the end improve emotional intelligence because it helps to experiment with new ways of communicating, listening and managing conflicts, favoring the transformation process».


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