Digital, Blue, Tourist and Crypto Dollar Price on April 20

The US bill appreciated by 0.31% in the official market. At what price did the blue dollar, financial and digital close on the last day?

He official dollar list this thursday 215.42 pesos for buy and 224.42 pesos for sell In main banks, exchange houses and digital wallets in Argentina. it takes a an increase of 0.31% compared to the previous day’s close.

As a result, currency prices for shopping or hoarding abroad They are located as follows:

  • Solidarity Dollars: $370.29
  • Dollar Card: $392.74
  • Tourist Dollar: $448.84
  • Netflix Dollar: $394.98

for their part, alternative dollar They are located in the following values ​​this Thursday:

  • Blue: $431
  • MEP or Dollar Bag: $421
  • Cash with Liquidation: $432

What is the price of the official dollar in banks and fintechs in Argentina?

This Thursday, April 20, the Citation average of official dollar The following were among the main banks and for fintechs in Argentina buy and sell,

  • BBVA: $225.89 / $217.21
  • City: $224.50 / $216.50
  • Galicia: $226.00 / $216.00
  • HSBC: $224.60 / $214.60
  • Macro: $226.00 / $216.00
  • Nation: $224.50 / $216.50
  • Patagonia: $225.00 / $217.00
  • Province: $224.50 / $216.50
  • Santander: $224.73 / $216.48
  • Supervision: $226.00 / $217.00

What is the cost of bitcoin dollars, USDT and other types of digital dollars in Argentina?

where did it go bitcoin dollar result split international price for bitcoin peso amount To redeem in local exchange to get 1 BTC.

for their part, digital dollar one of two crypto dollar are they stable cryptocurrencies or stable coins that maintains a 1-1 value with a US note, such as Tether (USDT), DAI, Binance USD (BUSD), Coinbase USD (USDC) or Paxos USD (USDP).

This Thursday, April 20, the Citation average of the main types of digital dollar The following were:

  • Bitcoin Dollar: $431.11
  • USDT: $427.29
  • Babysitter: $429.99
  • Bus: $434.00
  • USDC: $449.84
  • USDP: $434.00

How and where to buy digital dollars in Argentina?

first of all you have to remember Cryptocurrencies are recorded on the blockchain, a database stored on thousands of computers. with balance of all wallets in one network.

User can access funds through a non-custodial wallet -such as MetaMask, Trust, Math, etc.-, which provides a private key or seed phrase written on a piece of paper (Not on PC or cell phone, to avoid hacking) To “upload” data and operate on it. it also provides The public key, similar to the CBU, is used to receive coins.,

however, Can use the wallet offered by Beginner exchange or virtual exchange house, which is in charge of managing the keys from the customer And they make it easy to buy and store funds, at least until the user knows how to use a non-custodial wallet.

Is it possible to get digital currency in Argentina Use different platforms that accept main means of payment,

  • exchanges, Buy and sell direct to the public, in return for the commission included in the quote. They are paid with bank or fintech transfers, credit cards and RapiPago or Easy Payments Network. some examples are SatoshiTango, BuenBit, Bitso, Ripio, Lemon Cash and ArgenBTC,
  • P2P (person to person) platform: Unite buyers and sellers, Mercado Libre style, For example, airtm, binanceOkex and Paxful, In addition to transfers and collection networks, you can work with sdigital checkout like paypal

Its operation is roughly the same:

  • A user indicates how much he wants to buy
  • Pay market value (Supply-Ask)
  • YoIndicate how you will pay: Bank Transfer or Fintech (eg Mercado Pago), PayPal Balance, Other Cryptocurrencies, Collection Networks (eg Pagofacil), etc.
  • If you work with an exchange, you will receive your pesos directly and can exchange them for virtual currencies.
  • In the case of P2P, another user (the broker) accepts the order, to whom funds must be transferred in order to receive the crypto.