Elon Musk takes ketamine for depression and parties? This report makes a shocking claim


Twitter boss Elon Musk takes small doses of the psychedelic drug ketamine to treat depression and takes full doses while attending parties, a report says. wall street journal has claimed. The publication made these claims citing people close to the billionaire who have seen him consuming the drug.

“Descriptions of Musk’s drug use come from people who have seen him use ketamine and others who have direct knowledge of its use,” the newspaper said, referring to his investments in SpaceX and Facebook. executives at well-known venture-capital firm Founders Fund have said. Threw parties that included psychedelics.

Ketamine has hallucinogenic effects and can only be administered legally by a medical professional in the US. However, it is sold as a white powder, dissolved in a liquid, or in tablet form on the gray market.

During a Twitter conversation about depression, Elon Musk also hinted at taking small doses of ketamine.

“Depression is overstated in America, but for some people it’s really a brain chemistry issue,” Musk continued, “but people who take SSRIs are definitely overstimulated.” From what I’ve seen with friends, occasional ketamine is a better option.”

Musk has always been open about his use of psychedelics. Earlier this year, under his leadership, Twitter amended its rules, allowing cannabis companies to freely advertise their products on the platform.

“Going forward, certified advertisers may feature packaged cannabis products in ad creatives,” the company said in a press release. Earlier, companies could not show a product in their advertisements nor promote its sale. However, they may link to advertisements on their own websites.

While Twitter allows cannabis companies to advertise, its rivals such as Meta and Google have banned such ads.

Musk and his 420 connection

Recreational marijuana is already legal in several US states and Twitter owner Musk is one of the most 420-friendly (the 420 on the afternoon of April 20 is the typical time pot smokers celebrate the drug) entrepreneurs in the business. have been Musk has advocated the use of psychedelics to open human consciousness in various interviews. He appeared on the “Joe Rogan Podcast” and quickly became a meme template after smoking a joint on the show.

In 2018, Musk said he was considering buying Tesla for $420 a share. However, during a later court testimony, Musk clarified that his price offer was not meant to refer to marijuana.

“420 was not chosen because of a joke; It was chosen because there was a 20 percent premium to the stock price,” Musk said. “I think there’s some karma around 420. I must question whether it is good or bad karma at this point.”

“This movement is not a medical experiment or related investment opportunity, but a practice that has become a routine part of doing business for many,” the report said.

In addition to Musk, the publication claimed that Google co-founder Sergey Brin also takes magic mushrooms, another hallucinogenic product intended to open consciousness.

(with inputs from agencies)