Exercises to manage anger: remedies to contain it

Anger is one of the emotions that everyone feels and is handled differently by everyone.. If there are people who repress it, others physically vent it. However, both ways are not the most appropriate: as many experts explain, must be channeled, and not repressed, without having attitudes out of control. For this, many exercises have been developed to help control anger.

Anger, what it is, and how to manage it

“Anger is a very powerful emotion that is generated when the vulnerability of each one is touched, their weak points. This attitude leads to outbursts that they stand out when a personal limit has been exceeded and lead to the triggering of unconscious emotions» explains Dr. Anna Shcherbakova, pedagogue, psychologist, and neurocoach at Fonti di Nitrodi, in Ischia.

As the expert explains, anger is, therefore, an emotion that has deep roots even in infancy and during gestation in the womb: «Very often in infancy many children repress themselves when expressing their emotions, it is no coincidence that many suffer from alexithymia, that is to say, they do not know how to express or give a name to their emotional states, because they do not know how to recognize them, having always had to repress them, much less how to manage them».Hence, then, the fact that many adults have a hard time controlling their feelings, especially anger: “Not to mention that many times you do not listen to your body that sends signals, promptly ignored.” How to behave then? Not only learn to manage anger but do it in an ecological way, that is, without repressing it or downloading it on people or things, but by implementing one series of exercises that channel it helping to express it: «In fact, it is scientifically proven that all unexpressed feelings biologically change and mutate our body. Expressing them, especially the negative ones, helps not only to free oneself but above all to self-heal. Emotional freedom, in fact, is strongly cathartic.

Five exercises to manage anger

Over the years, many experts have developed different anger management exercises. Some of these yoga techniques “borrow”.

1. Kali Mudra, throw away anger in a minute

To do it anywhere, sitting, even in front of the mirror, and repeating five times. Inhaling deeply, lift your eyes to the third eye (in the center of the forehead, NDR) and continuing to gaze fixedly, open your mouth fully sticking out your tongue and shouting: “It’s a very easy exercise, suitable for everyone, helping to channel all anger outwards, especially repressed anger. A fundamental gesture because Suppressed feelings cause psychosomatic illnesses, in particular, anger is concentrated in the neck area, hence a sore throat and cervix.».

2. Focus on the womb, to purge anger from deep within

Specific to women, this exercise helps to eliminate all anger, even the one that is hidden in the background. “It’s specific to women because feelings, especially negative ones, they tend to concentrate all in the uterus. This organ is connected to the throat, and suppressed anger is not good for you.».

For this exercise you have to stand up, with your eyes open or even closed, focus on the lower part of the body, mentally collect all the anger that has crept in and let it out, screaming. “It is a very liberating exercise because it helps to eliminate all negative emotions.”

3. The benefits of creative writing

Nothing helps more than writing to capture your emotions on paper. “But be careful, exercise only works if you write without censorship, including profanity». To do this, you must set an alarm clock that goes off after five minutes during which the episode that made you angry is written on the paper. Once the alarm has gone off, if it takes even longer, it resets, otherwise, you start reading the text aloud “This allows you to process the writing on the fly. Once finished, it is burned or broken into pieces and thrown away.” This type of exercise works on the emotional reality, that is to say, it physically removes one’s own emotions from the unconscious to make them true and real and to be able to heal everything.

The emotional diary also works on emotional reality where you can write your feelings and sensations every time, to be able to focus and analyze them.

4. Sport, essential to let off steam

Sports activity is carried out by many for this same purpose, to let off steam. As the expert advises, if you opt for this type of exercise it is essential to keep attention on the breath.. As you inhale you collect all the anger, as you exhale you throw it away. Also, by concentrating on your breathing, you can identify where in your body anger is creeping up

5. With the help of a pillow or towel

Do you need to vent your anger immediately? A pillow or towel is fine. The pillow is “hit” while the towel bites. In both cases, it is essential to focus on your feelings and “put them out.”

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