Famous newspaper published a fake article with AI

An Irish newspaper has apologized after being “deliberately misleading” by an article on generative artificial intelligence.

He Irish Times Apologies to my readers After publishing an article written by a guest author using artificial intelligence (AI) for its construction.

through a statement The Irish newspaper admitted it was the victim of “a deliberate and co-ordinated hoax”., Recognizing the importance of strengthening pre-publication review processes, the editor, Ruadhán Mac Cormick, commented:

“It also highlights one of the challenges that generative AI presents for news organizations.”

Artificial Intelligence: The Irish Times involved in a controversy

He Article Turnt up The practice of Irish women using artificial tanfrom the perspective of a self-proclaimed author “Adriana Acosta-Cortez”who claimed to be “young immigrants to Ireland”.

According to Mac Cormack, Purported author contacted editorial team offering research and personal experiences,

however, Both the article and the author’s image were “at least partially” generated by generative artificial intelligence,

The Irish Times newspaper apologized after publishing an article on generative artificial intelligence.

The Irish Times newspaper apologized after publishing an article on generative artificial intelligence.

The author’s Twitter account reshared the link to the article via Internet Archive. In another message, he criticized the Irish Times, pointing to the need for a “better selection process”.

While Acosta-Cortez’s true identity remains unknown, Twitter users commented on the article calling it a “solid game” and praised the profile for “unmasking” the newspaper.

One user claimed that he “may never in good faith read The Irish Times again after this”.

He Irish Times It is not the only media outlet that has come under scrutiny in recent times due to content related to artificial intelligence (AI).

in April, A German magazine called Die Aktuelle claimed to have the “first interview”. With racing driver Michael Schumacher since his serious brain injury in 2013,

however, It was quickly revealed that the interview was generated by artificial intelligence. (IA), prompting Schumacher’s family to take legal action against the publication.

The newspaper recognized the mistake

The newspaper acknowledged that error and acknowledged that it was the victim of “a deliberate and coordinated hoax”.

Recently, a Wall Street Journal reporter even used AI to “clone” himself with the ability to fool both his bank and close family members.

Generative artificial intelligence: what is this concept about

a new study of Accenture It has been determined that one of the latest trends in technology, Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), is set to usher in a new future for businesses as the physical and digital worlds become increasingly intertwined.

Accenture Report is called Technology Vision 2023 held this year “When Atoms Meet Bits: The Foundation of Our New Reality”,

It also explored the technological trends that underlie convergence of physical and digitalAs companies look to accelerate business reinvention.

“The next decade will be defined by three technology megatrends – cloud, metaverse and AI – that will collectively bridge the gap between our digital and physical worlds,” said Paul Daugherty, CEO of Accenture Technology.

and he said that although generative artificial intelligence Will have far-reaching effects, leaders must dive into this new trend to get the most out of their technology.