fashion tool to earn in dollars

Many internet platforms act as a link between companies and freelancers to complete such tasks which are solved in a short period of time and paid in dollars.

Nowadays, developing microtasks is a great job opportunity for foreign companies. Many internet platforms provide an intermediary service between companies and freelancers to get work done which allows them to collect in dollars and earn money from anywhere in the world.

What are microjobs about?

These companies, including large corporations and startups, are looking for freelance associates from around the world who can help them optimize their security systems, artificial intelligence, or simply contribute to their business objectives.

The most excellent activities in this field are answering surveys, viewing ads, finding offers, working with artificial intelligence, transcription, solving captchas, programming, design, there are many options that each platform offers.

Benefits and Requirements

The first advantage of this work dynamic is being able to complete microtasks from any location that has a stable connection, but at the same time, and of great relevance in the Argentine economy, it allows charging in foreign currencies. It is not necessary to have previous experience or additional specialized knowledge, but in most cases a basic level of English is required to be able to understand the tasks.

Microjobs have the advantage that none of the tasks require prior knowledge

Microjobs have the advantage that no prior knowledge is required for any task

Now, to be able to do microjobs, the first recommendation is to be able to work on a reliable website. Finding out ahead of time whether the company and its platform are legit is an important step in being able to make this trip safely.

Here are some examples:

  • remote work
  • sprout gigs
  • 2captcha
  • timebucks
  • Android
  • microworkers
  • scarletclix

If the freelancer’s knowledge is of services for companies like graphic design, community management, development etc., they can publish their profile on, SproutGigs and Remotask. There are also people who pay to play online with others like Givvy or for content creators who want to share links, Exe pays to shorten and share them.

In addition to the platform, it is important to have a good personal branding: find the most suitable social network for the service we offer (whether Linkedin, Instagram or any other) and keep it up to date. Microjobs require a few hours and allow you to earn between $100 and $250 per month. With the more extensive work, the more difficulty and time spent, the profit can be maximized.

Add the benefits of remote work and flexible hours

Add the benefits of remote work and flexible hours

How to deposit your earnings?

For every freelancer, accessing payment is the next challenge: how to collect that money in the best possible way. Without getting lost in the large commissions that make the job impractical. This requires two simple steps. First, create a personal account in Digital Dollar Wallet. Once this step is completed, it should be specified in the action platform as the account selected to receive the income. Using the Digital Dollar Platform AirtmYou can get the profits that the companies would have to pay, keeping the money safe until the next move.