Ferrovial, the strongest value of the Ibex 35 and the one that gives “more confidence”

“Ibex has the strongest value right now and the one that transmits the most confidence to me would be Ferrovial,” explains Javier Lorenzo, manager of the GPM Tactical Allocation Fund.

Value is already leaving behind, according to experts area of ​​previous high With great clarity, bullish resistance and lots of strength.

He found the timing to be a setback in February, “a little bit with all the noise that was around the company, but they’ve really gotten past the highs.”


The expert says that the strong and bullish price, which continues to bear fruit at the moment and “I think we should keep it in mind to keep it in our portfolio.”

railwayAccumulates an increase of over 18% This year-to-date and the consensus analyst chart collected by Reuters recommend it a Buy with a target price of 29.21 euros, which leaves it with undervalued potential.

According to Premium Investment Strategy Indicators, the stock shows “Very Strong” aspect.

ferrovial indicator