Globant acquires a French digital transformation company

The Argentine giant is betting on the growth and digitization of its business worldwide with a new agreement. Know what is his next plan

Argentinian unicorns take advantage of the momentum of the country being the dominant companies in each sector in which they develop.

is one of them globantThe digital solutions giant entered into an agreement with another company to promote its business overseas.

is about pentalog, A French digital transformation consulting company that develops advanced technology solutions and products For other digital signatures in industries such as:

  • finance
  • Play
  • Gambling
  • Travel
  • Education

Globant acquires French digital transformation company Pentalog

Thus Globant has completed its ninth acquisition in the last 16 months. From January 2022, the Martin Migoya-led software giant is looking to strengthen its operations in countries like Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria,

The company is engaged in the development of more than 250 Digital Solutions & ProductsTo keep our customers up to date with the latest IT innovations.

Pentalog Worked with famous brands in the market like Criteo, Adidas, Segid, Bitpanda, TripAdvisor, Ipsos and G4Sin others.

For Globant, the alliance with Pentalog “will allow current and potential customers of both groups take advantage of close cooperation,

especially, Martin Migoya, co-founder and CEO of Globantmaintained that “France is one of the world’s leading economies and centers of innovation, and we wanted Globant to have a strong presence in such an important region”.

Frédéric Lasnier, co-founder and CEO of Pentalog, highlighted: “I have always admired Globant, even before this association, as a model of inspiration and a reference in digital transformation in the world. Now that I have Globant on hand, there is no doubt that we will continue our expansion into Europe.”

Globant has also acquired Pentalog so far this year experience it, from the United States. Ahead of time, specifically in 2022 it bought the following companies:

  • Sysdata (Italy)
  • EveWave (Australia)
  • Genexus (Uruguay)
  • Nescara (Brazil)
  • Ad_Bid (Colombia)
  • KTBO (Mexico)
  • Vertical (Denmark)

Artificial Intelligence: Globant Launches a Competition That Pays Up to $200,000

is about globantDigital Native company focused on reshaping business through innovative solutions launched its own Artificial Intelligence competition: AI Challenge,

To participate, business leaders must submit their ideas on how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to solve industry problems and address business challenges.

Globant Launches a Competition to Reward Business Leaders in Artificial Intelligence

Globant Launches a Competition to Reward Business Leaders in Artificial Intelligence

Incentives will be given to the winners Receive up to $200,000 for the success of your projects,

Artificial Intelligence: How to Participate in the Globant Competition

To participate, executives and leaders from large, medium and small companies must describe A challenge they are currently facing and their idea of ​​how they would solve it with AI,

Challenges may be company-specific or industry-specific in general and may include customer experience Wave logistics chain optimizationFor example.

“AI applications are growing rapidly and we are a firm believer in the power of a collaborative approach to identify the best use cases. The most innovative and game-changing ideas often come from unexpected places and people,” he added. Wanda Weigert, Chief Brand Officer, Globant,

He added: “As a major player in the AI ​​scene, Globant will help companies turn their vision into a practical reality,

Regarding the role of this innovation, the executive indicated that “as AI continues to develop, the technology will undoubtedly play a significant role in organizations of all types. Automate tasks, improve time management, improve customer relationships, and optimize business processes,


Globant to award up to US$200,000 to the most innovative entrepreneurs in AI

participants will be Sunday May 21 at 11:59 PM EDT To present your views. A panel of AI experts and senior Globant executives will evaluate each submission and a List of shortlisted candidateswho will then virtually present their ideas to a final jury who will select the winners.