Goals and highlights: Mexico 0-1 Qatar in the Gold Cup | 07/02/2023

11:39 PM8 hours ago

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11:34 PM8 hours ago

Qatar beat Mexico 1-0 in the Gold Cup match, started the match with full force, but a mistake cost them dearly and they failed to convince from the front.

11:29 PM8 hours ago

Mexico’s desperation is very clear, they are getting away with it by any means necessary.

11:24 PM8 hours ago

Yellow card to Asim Madibo

11:19 PM8 hours ago

Yellow card to Mustafa Tarek Mashal.

11:14 PM8 hours ago

10 minutes of compensation are added

11:09 PM8 hours ago

Meshal Barsham gets yellow card

11:04 PM8 hours ago

Qatar are busy defending, even as Edson Alvarez’s header hits the crossbar

10:59 PM8 hours ago

Mexico substituted Luis Romo and Julián Araújo for Uriel Antuna and Eric Sánchez.

10:54 PM8 hours ago

Qatar substituted Hazem Ahmed Shehata and Tamim Al-Abdullah in place of Mahdi Salem Al Mejaba and Asim Madibo.

10:49 PM8 hours ago

Gerardo Artega received a yellow card.

10:44 PM8 hours ago

Mexico substitutes Carlos Rodríguez for Henry Martin.

10:39 PM9 hours ago

Qatar’s expulsion for a technicality and a yellow card for Santiago Jimenez.

10:34 PM9 hours ago

temper tantrums, clashes have become common

10:29 PM9 hours ago

Mexico substituted Orbelin Pineda and Oziel Herrera for Diego Lanez and Roberto Alvarado.

10:24 PM9 hours ago

Qatar replaces Youssef Ayman with Abdullah Marafi

10:19 PM9 hours ago

The Mexicans try to get down the sides, but they can’t do anything

10:14 PM9 hours ago

Yellow card to Tamim Al-Abdullah

10:04 PM9 hours ago

first half is over

9:59 pm9 hours ago

Tarek Salman got yellow card

9:54 pm9 hours ago

Ahmed Fatehi got yellow card

9:49 pm9 hours ago

4 minutes of compensation are added

9:44 pm9 hours ago

Change in Qatar, Mohammad Waad replaces Ali Asdalla

9:39 PM10 hours ago

Qatar’s goalkeeper’s kick screamed, the fans’ annoyance became more and more obvious, and the local people gave the first warning.

9:34 PM10 hours ago

Free kick for Mexico on the left flank and the shot goes over the bar.

9:29 PM10 hours ago

Yellow card to Mohammad Vaad

9:24 PM10 hours ago

Very good! For Qatar, after a defensive mistake, Hazem Ahmed Shehata outplayed Araújo, who left him standing and headed for the first goal.

9:19 PM10 hours ago

Mexico does not give up and seeks the goal, they do not leave the territory of Qatar

9:14 PM10 hours ago

Qatar tries to get down the flank, reaching three-quarters of the pitch

9:09 PM10 hours ago

Qatar begins to react, looks for some options to exit the game

9:04 PM10 hours ago

Mexico is putting a lot of pressure on the Qatari goal which is barely able to reach midfield.

8:59 PM10 hours ago

mexico starts with everything

8:54 PM10 hours ago

The match between Mexico and Qatar is set, in Levi’s Stadium, where you can see the stadium with the big crowd.

8:49 PM10 hours ago

Both the teams are already on the field to start the match at Levi’s Stadium, but the national anthem was played first.

8:44 PM10 hours ago

Both the teams took to the field to start this Gold Cup match at the Levi’s Stadium.

8:39 PM11 hours ago

The visitors are tied 1-1 with Honduras in their last match but still have a number of games in hand.
Fri, Jan 12 Qatar v Lebanon, Asian Cup of Nations

8:24 PM11 hours ago

Referee: Drew Fisher (Canada)
Assistant referee 1: Katherine Nesbitt (USA)
Assistant referee 2: Michael Barwegen (Canada)
Fourth official: Joseph Dickerson (USA)
Consultant referee: Lionel Leal (Costa Rica)
Where: Edwin Jurisevic (USA)
AVAR1: Chris Penso (USA)

8:19 PM11 hours ago

Levi’s Stadium is a sports stadium located in Santa Clara, California, United States. It opened in August 2014 and is used for home games of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers, with a capacity of 68,500 fans.

8:09 PM11 hours ago

In Qatar, they see the match against Mexico in the Gold Cup as an opportunity for development, classifying Lozano’s team as one of the best.
“For us, for Qatar, we have the opportunity to play with such a beautiful team with incredible players. Mexico is an opportunity to move forward and we are very happy. I hope that tomorrow we will be at that level so that our fans “We would be very proud of us,” said Carlos Queiroz, coach of the Qatar team.

8:04 PM11 hours ago

A few minutes before kick-off, both clubs are already on the field preparing for the match.

11 hours ago at 7:59 pm

Fans are slowly trickling into the stadium and an average attendance is expected for this Gold Cup match.

11 hours ago at 7:54 pm

Both teams are already in the stadium, with some players entering the dressing rooms to prepare for warm-ups, while others are checking the field before entering the locker rooms.

11 hours ago at 7:49 pm

Don’t miss match details with VAVEL’s live updates and commentary. Follow with us all the details, commentary, analysis and lineups of the Mexico vs Qatar match in Gold Cup.

11 hours ago at 7:44 pm

These are the start times of the Mexico vs Qatar game on July 02 in several countries:
Mexico: 7:30 pm CDMX
Argentina: 20:30 hours
Chile: 20:30 hours
Colombia: 7:30 p.m.
Peru: 19:30 hours
USA: 9:30 PM ET
Ecuador: 21:30 hours
Uruguay: 21:30
Paraguay: 20:30 hours
Spain: 03:30 PM

12 hours ago at 7:39 pm

The match will be telecast on Unimas, Univision, Fox Sports 1, Univision Now.
If you want to watch Mexico vs Qatar in streaming, it will be broadcast on VIX+, FoxSports.com, Fox Sports App.
If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is the best option for you.

12 hours ago at 7:34 pm

Jaime Lozano explains that he was not surprised by the level of Antuna and Martin, especially because of their weight in the match against Haiti.
“The truth is that for me they are all solid and that’s why they are in the national team. Henry finished as the goal-scoring champion for a reason and he is one of the few Mexican center forwards who has been with the US for so long. And Uriel, in my experience, if you give him clarity, he can play those kinds of games,” Lozano explained.
“Sometimes, when you’re not given that clarity, you don’t make good decisions at all, but (Uriel) has dominant situations. We try to give him clarity where he feels comfortable ( and tells him), ‘Uriel, don’t cut back so much, take the ball out and throw in a cross.’

12 hours ago at 7:29 pm

This will be the first meeting between the two teams, so they would like to start well and win.

12 hours ago at 7:14 pm

The locals haven’t had a very good performance in their last 5 matches, as they have had several wins in the previous matches, their best result being 4-0 against Honduras, with a streak of 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. It is a very favorable situation for the team but they need not to make mistakes in order to stay confident and stay alive in this tournament.
Haiti 1 – 3 Mexico, 29 June 2023, Gold Cup
Mexico 4 – 0 Honduras, 25 June 2023, Gold Cup
PANAMA 0 – 1 MEXICO, June 18, 2023, CONCACAF Nations League
UNITED STATES 3 – 0 MEXICO, June 15, 2023, CONCACAF Nations League
MEXICO 2 – 2 CAMEROON, June 10, 2023, International Friendly

12 hours ago at 7:09 pm

The visiting team has performed very well in their last 5 matches, as they have had several defeats in their previous matches, their best result was 1–2 against Jamaica, with a streak of 1 win, 1 draw and 3 losses, A team Very unfavorable conditions for them but they need not to make mistakes in this tournament to stay confident and stay alive.
Qatar 1 – Honduras 1, Jun. 29, 2023, Gold Cup
Haiti 2 – 1 Qatar, 25 June 2023, Gold Cup
Jamaica 1 – 2 Qatar, June 15, 2023, International Friendly
Qatar 0 – 1 Croatia, 8 June 2023, International Friendly
Netherlands 2 – 0 Qatar, 29 November 2022, FIFA World Cup

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