He resigned from Google and now leads a leading fintech in the region

Gaston Irigoyen, CEO and co-founder of Pomelo, talks about his journey as an entrepreneur and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

The path of enterprise and innovation is generally enticing to thousands of executives across the planet. However, very few people dare to take the leap and start their own path, especially when they are already in a favorable place for growth.

Gaston IrigoyenThe CEO and co-founder of Pomelo, one of the most thriving firms in the sector – developer of solutions for fintechs and companies in the process of digital transformation – is one of the few who make up this group and decide to “take” Are. Leap”, despite having a good job at an American giant.

“After leaving Google, where I was promoted five times in six years, I started working and there I could really understand how the landscape could turn upwards; “I realized I was not infallible,” Irigoyen said during the International Summit of Young Leaders (CJL) held in Buenos Aires.

Executive highlighted “the importance of maintaining flexibility“Before the challenges that can be presented to entrepreneurs, especially at the start of the road.

“However, with time I managed to understand that all those ups and downs became learnings, which gave me new skills to continue venturing. I attribute those skills to entrepreneurship,” he said.

The businessman insisted that “it is faithful to the base value proposition grapefruit, A firm that was built out of past frustrations and experiences” that its founders gained in other fields.

Grapefruit  founded by.  Hernán Corral (CPO), Gaston Irigoyen, Hernán Corral (CEO) and Juan Fantoni (CCO)

Grapefruit founders Hernán Corral (CPO), Gaston Irigoyen, Hernán Corral (CEO) and Juan Fantoni (CCO)

Grapefruit: Solid structure, one of the great keys

,grapefruit Ultimately it is the product of all that we have suffered, all of the mistakes we have made and all that we have learned during this time. From there, we make sure that we build a structurally strong company that doesn’t make mistakes that we’ve made in the past,” Irigoyen said.

CJL is one of the most important multicultural youth events in the world, bringing together thousands of youth leaders from around the world.

In this 15th edition about 1,000 attendees between the ages of 17 and 40 To see Benchmarks from various fields Who has left his mark on the public.

Through Gaston’s involvement, grapefruit Seeks to inspire young leaders who are part of the future of the regional financial sector and are, therefore, the next decision makers.

The fintech proposition also points to an important factor for companies today: the geographical scale,

Grapefruit promises to allow it to operate almost immediately in the five countries it has access to and, by extension, some 450,000,000 people To whom to provide financial services.

Grapes, Founder

According to Irigoyen, one of its founders, Grapefruit was created out of “different frustrations and experiences from the past”.

Grapefruit also thrives thanks to its investors

All the investors come from different parts of the world Latin America, the United States and Europe,

He currently works in the firm. 300 People and has operations in five countries: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Peru,

“All of us who are part of the team come from working on this type of experience in Latin America and together we are building this Technology company we’d love to consume In those past experiences”, Irigoyen concluded.

CJL aims to generate an example of dialogue between new generations that will build the world to come.