Hole-by-hole recaps and more from Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce’s wins over Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson

The Super Bowl champions are doing great.

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce won four of their first six holes to take a commanding lead against Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Despite late pressure from Team Warriors, Team Warriors won Match VIII 3 and 2 at Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas on Thursday.

Curry and Mahomes had previously played in the series—both players lost—while their teammates made their debuts.

This was the third match on 5th place Wynn Golfweek’s Best Courses in Nevada,

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Here is a look at the chronological recap of the match between Team Chiefs and Team Warriors and more.

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The Wynn Golf Club, right behind the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, fits perfectly into its busy surroundings on the Strip. It’s as Vegas as Vegas can be when it comes to golf course architecture.

Golf has been played at the site since 1952 when it became the Desert Inn Golf Club, although most of the course is brand new.

After plans to build a lagoon on the site with new hotel rooms and a restaurant were scrapped, Fazio and his son, Logan, were called upon to breathe new life into the abandoned track. Wynn Golf Club reopened in October 2019 with eight new and 10 renovated holes, playing a par 70 at 6,722 yards.

As far as playing Wynn Golf Club goes, you don’t need to know someone who knows someone. You just have to have some disposable income.

Tee times can be made up to 90 days in advance by resort guests, and the game is open to the general public with 30 days advance booking. But be prepared for more than cash. Depending on the time of year, the green fee can reach up to $750.

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Patrick Mahomes calling the game before the first tee shot.

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Here’s what the broadcasters think will win the match:

Hole No. 1 (Match Tie)

Team Warriors both hit fairways, but Team Chiefs had to use Kelce’s tee shot. Curry got the green, but both heads went long.

However, Mahomes was able to chip within a couple of feet, and Curry hit his birdie putt from within a foot. He cut the hole in half.

match eighth

Steph Curry plays a shot from the practice range prior to Capital One’s The Match VIII – Curry & Thompson vs. Mahomes & Kelce at Wynn Golf Club on June 29, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images for Match)

Hole No. 2 (Team Head 1 Up)

Curry was the only one to find the fairway. Thompson found a bunker, Kelce was close to the first fairway and then a par-5 second, and Mahomes was left in the wet grass.

Nobody got the green with their second, but the team leaders put their chips next to the hole and got an easy birdie. Curry and Thompson were unable to get up and down the greenside bunker for the match, so Team Chiefs took a 1–0 lead.

Hole No. 3 (Team Chief 2 Up)

Major advantage team chiefs to have off t. Mahomes’ ball went through the wet grass and rolled into the rough on the right side of the green. Neither Curry nor Thompson found the green on their second shot, and Mahomes hit his chip to almost 4 feet. He holed that putt and the Team Chiefs were 2 up after three holes.

match eighth

Patrick Mahomes looks on while holding a flag pin during Capital One’s The Match VIII – Curry & Thompson vs. Mahomes & Kelce at Wynn Golf Club on June 29, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images for Match)

Hole No. 4 (Team Chief 3 up)

On the first par 3 of the contest, neither player hit the green, but after chip shots, Team Warriors were close. However, Mahomes hit a par putt, while Thompson and Curry missed theirs, meaning Team Chiefs took a 3–3 lead after 4.

Hole no. 5 (Team Leader 3 Up)

Needing to do something, Curry holed a tee shot down the par-5 fifth fairway. Meanwhile, the team chiefs both moved to the right and were about 60 yards behind Curry’s drive.

Kelce hit an excellent second shot in front of the green, but Curry’s approach came in about 10 feet short of the pin and rolled a few feet away.

Team Warriors was not able to make eagle putts and both teams halved the holes with birdies.

Hole No. 6 (Team Head 4 Up)

Heading to the second par 3, Mahomes hit the first. His ball hit a fan on the right side of the green and rolled onto the green about 25 feet away. Kelce one-upped his quarterback, and kept his approach in the center of the green.

Curry got Green in front, but Thompson’s ball didn’t come off the same hill as Mahomes. Thompson’s putt hit the hole and Curry left it about 4 feet short.

Kelce’s birdie putt missed by a narrow margin and Mahomes gave up his high, but the Chiefs tied the game. Thompson missed his par putt a roll short of the heart, and Curry was unable to make it, giving the Chiefs a 4–6 lead.

Hole 7 (Team Leader 4 Up)

Another par 5, another advantage from the tee for Team Warriors. Although Curry and Thompson hit pine straw, they were 60 yards closer to the green.

Thompson’s shot went into a bay in front of Green, but Curry’s approach reached the pin high before rolling back. Meanwhile, Kelce was short of water and Mahomes’ ball went in. But Kelsey went ahead and hit a pitch shot from 4 feet in his third over.

Thompson holed a putt from the green but couldn’t get close, then Curry lofted to about 5 feet.

Kelse made birdie to put Team Chiefs in first. Thompson equalized with a birdie, Team Warriors first putt all day and avoided a 5-under par with 5 remaining to play.

The team leaders remained from 4 to 7.

Hole No. 8 (Team Leader 4 Up)

The team leaders did not give any breathing space to Team Warriors. After Mahomes hit the front of the green for a par 3 over water, Kelce chipped the back pin from one to 4 feet to put pressure on Curry and Thompson.

Thompson found the front of the green, and Curry followed from one to about 12 feet.

Thompson took first and birdie’s look came up. Curry had a good look but missed the shot, allowing Mahomes or Kelce to win the match.

Kelce went to first and his putt burned the left flank. Then Mahomes stepped up and did the same as his tight end.

However, Team Chiefs remained top 4 with four left to play.

Hole 9 (Team Leader 3 Up)

Mahomes hit his tee shot first and he pulled it in but it hit a tree and bounced back into the fairway. He began telling Kelsey to “let the big dog eat,” and Kelsey tried. He kicked out of his shoes, and his golf ball went almost right into the next fairway.

Then Thompson hit, and his tee shot on the par 4 went right over the crowd and trees. With the fairway open, Curry’s tee shot made it to the fairway bunker but landed in the bump on the right.

Mahomes’ approach hit a tree smaller than the green and fell down. But again, Kelce was great with his iron and hit his shot to the back of the green, and it funneled down the center.

Thompson’s approach went long and right, and Curry’s approach got left of the green.

Neither Curry nor Thompson were able to make birdies, but Curry found an easy par. This left the door open for two-putt victories for Kelce and Mahomes.

Kelce’s putt scared the left side of the hole but slid back a few feet. Mahomes’ birdie putt was nearly identical to Kelce’s, clocking in within an inch of the mark.

Kelce missed the par putt, and then Mahomes pulled it to the left. Team Warriors won their first hole, and Team Chiefs lead with 3 holes to play.

Hole No. 10 (Team Chiefs win 3 and 2)

Thompson’s tee shot hit the fairway on a driveable 305-yard par 4, but Curry’s tee shot was right in the trees.

Then Mahomes hit a low — and I do mean low — 3-wood that went over the back of the green while Kelce’s shot went fairway and short.

Thompson’s second shot from the fairway went into the left greenside bunker. Curry’s ball hit the putting surface and rolled about 15 feet.

One such situation came to the fore. Team Chiefs needed two putts to win.

Kelce’s eagle putt went about 5 feet from the hole, but Mahomes hit it to two feet. He marked it, and Team Warriors attempted a birdie putt. Thompson’s heart was in but a foot short. Curry went up the hill and drilled it, meaning the team leaders had to make their short birdie putt to win the match.

However, Mahomes holed his putt and missed by only a few feet, but Kelce stepped up and slotted it in.

Team Chiefs beat Team Warriors 3 and 2.

Story originally published on Golfweek

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