How do you make $300,000 in 30 days

To make it easy to invest in cryptocurrencies, the exchange integrates DeFi tools similar to Fixed Term. how much do they yield on binance

Cryptoeconomics broke out with force in Argentina, more than 5 million accounts are able to operate with digital currencies. But they not only serve to save, but it is also possible invest and earn income,

Exchanges allow users to invest in trading instruments produce farming (or produce agriculture). it is based on Participate in Decentralized Investment Protocol (DeFi) To receive rewards in two ways:

  • protocol promotion: The native reward or interest of the project, which they get rewarded for “supporting”
  • Tokens to provide liquidity: User gets the basic property of the protocol it is participating in

In short, rent is earned lending money to third parties and through certain programs Name smart contractLender receives commission,

How much can you earn by investing $300,000 in Binance “Crypto Fixed Term”?

in the matter of volatile currenciesi.e., whose price can suddenly change with respect to the dollar, binance offers the possibility to invest in Bitcoinwith 0.64% annual rate; And Ethereumwith produce 2.70% according to the year.

thus, with 300,000 pesos will be acquired 0.027165 bitcoin, estimated return Bitcoin has the following:

  • 1 week: 0.000003 BTC
  • 30 days: 0.000014 BTC
  • 90 days: 0.000043 BTC
  • 1 year: 0.000174 BTC

for his part, with 300,000 pesos can be obtained 0.425050ETH, in this matter, estimated return For Ethereum they are shown below:

  • 1 week: 0.000220 ETH
  • 30 days: 0.000944 ETH
  • 90 days: 0.002839 ETH
  • 1 year: 0.011632 ETH

in regard of “Crypto Dollar”i.e., stablecoins that trade at par with the greenback, offering the possibility of investing in Binance. usdt, with an annual rate of 3%; And ICDwith an annual yield of 1.50%,

Binance offers a rate of 3% for USDT investments.

Binance offers a rate of 3% for USDT investments.

therefore, with 300,000 pesos will be acquired $760.84, estimated return The following are in USDT, with their respective values ​​in pesos at current prices,

  • 1 week: 0.44 USDT ($172.65)
  • 30 days: 1.88 USDT ($740.61)
  • 90 days: 5.65 USDT ($2,227.31)
  • 1 year: 23.17 USDT ($9,135.98)

finally, with 300,000 pesos can be obtained 761.04 IAD, in this matter, estimated return Following are the rates for DAI today along with their respective values ​​in pesos,

  • 1 week: 0.22 DAI ($86.31)
  • 30 days: 0.94 DAI ($370.08)
  • 90 days: 2.82 DAI ($1,111.62)
  • 1 year: 11.50 DAI ($4,533.83)

In Argentina, the Central Bank controls rates, so most Institutions offer an annual interest rate of 78%, Therefore, the investment of would give up $300,000 in income,

  • 30 days: $319,500
  • 90 days: $362,384.89
  • 1 year: $638,728.87

Although this return is measured in pesos higher than the return offered by the 90-day USDT, Instruments provide a hedge against exchange ratesBecause stablecoins follow the price of the greenback.,

Furthermore, it is possible Exit at any time with profits made so farIn addition to the fact that these tools use compound interestSo that gains made on one day are added to on the next, generating more performance,