how much does a solution architect make

This talent is the perfect bridge between the business and the technology solutions you need. they can earn in a million pesos or dollars

In the world of IT, companies recognize that they face one big challenge that gives them sleepless nights: finding Talents that combine technical and business knowledge,

The challenge is doubly complicated when the search is on someone solution architect (one of two Solution Architectin English), because it’s okay the gear that makes All machinery can move in a tight and adjusted manner,

Solution architect: what does he do and how much does he earn

Sabrina Reiris, Talent Attraction Specialist at Seta Capital Humano explains iProUP that this profile is in charge of “creating technical and strategic solutions to the technical problems and challenges of the organization. Its main function is Understand business needs and translate them into viable technical solutions,

Work with development teams, project managers, and other stakeholders to design the architecture and technical components of the solution. “It involves analyzing the requirements, evaluate the available technical options, Propose solutions and ensure they meet business objectivesReiris adds.

and adds: “It is also in charge of identifying risks and potential problems in implementation and proposals. ways to reduce themconsidering factors such as scalability, performance, security and integration with other existing systems.”


These professionals should not only have technical knowledge but also business knowledge and how to provide viable solutions.

Commented by Gabriel Arango, Head of LATAM Technology at Global Logic iProUP that was produced significant changes in recent years due to the evolving technology and market demands, Being more aware of emerging innovations such as AI, IoT or 5Gas well as understanding how they can be integrated into the solution.”

for all this, The income levels of these professionals are not surprising, Alejandro Cervide, Director of Professionals, RPO & Technologies at Randstad Argentina assures

  • “To architect a solution senior, average salary is $1,000,000 per month,
  • for a position semi Seniorit is located in $750,000,
  • “in terms set in dollars foreign organizationmonthly salary is located from $4,000,

For some experts, once they join they have a critical relevance in the organization, Nicolas Bacigalupo, CEO of Octopus Proptech, lists a few:

  • ,Design efficient and scalable technical solutionsTo save time and resources”
  • ,identify Opportunities to improve technical infrastructure,
  • ,In terms of security, it is important to protect the information,

Solution Architect: what training is needed

This profile “not only requires extensive experience; Also possess soft skills such as leadership, communication and effective collaboration“, assign to iProUP Omar Gagliano, Solutions Architect at Startia from Ingenia. The expert assures that, in terms of technical knowledge, an expected Great experience on the following topics:

  • Design and development of scalable, flexible and maintainable software and systems
  • Build solutions based on quality attributes and constraints
  • Understanding of architecture/design patterns and ability to apply them in practice
  • Familiarity with the most common platforms and frameworks

A Solution Architect, At the same time, “Must be up to date with updates to the operating system and database management systemin addition to having a keen interest in Continuous learning of new emerging technologies”, emphasizes Gagliano.

“There is no particular discipline from which you must come: what is important is to have the above set of skills and knowledge, but in practice they usually profile broadly Knowledge of Software Development, Systems Analyst, Technical Leader, Software Engineering or Computer Science“Gagliano details.

As this profile interacts with various areas of the company, it is essential that they have a good level of communication and leadership skills.

As this profile interacts with various areas of the company, it is essential that they have a good level of communication and leadership skills.

“Solutions architect profiles range from careers such as a degree in engineering or systems, complemented by an MBA and training in business issues,” says Servide. With few exceptions, and due to paucity of talent,”Today experience and trajectory have more value than a titlesays the Randstad expert.

Solution Architect: why companies are looking for it

Arango ensures that this role is fulfilled “through the design of efficient solutions Optimizes your costs, maximizing the return on investment in technology, Managing and mitigating implementation risks is another important factor that you need to manage.”

“With high inflation, the role of the solutions architect may become even more important. It is related to cost: technologies can grow significantly, so you have to be consistent looking for cheaper alternatives to perform the same or similar procedures“, says Bacigalupo.

“If filling the position requires a university degree and a good level of English then it is low profile. But if these requirements are made more flexible can be covered more easily“, says Cervide.

“The demand for this increased significantly due to the pandemic: Many companies were forced to reinvent themselves and adapt to the new reality., They needed the IT sector to lead this process of change and positions like solution architect gain prominence”, says Servide.

Finally, you need to know that “Interacts primarily with the areas of Development, Operations, Business and Marketing, in others. Effective communication and collaboration with these sectors is needed to ensure the successful implementation of solutions”, concluded Sebastian Divinski, Co-CEO of EducaciónIT.