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Far from being a temporary option thanks to pandemic limitations, digital wallets have consolidated and don’t stop adding tools

Although current television is a far cry from the ratings figures achieved in previous decades, the new version of elder brother was one of the highest viewership programs in 2023. Among its innovations, it stands out The prize for the winner increased due to the fact that the amount was placed in a digital wallet “to work”.

Therefore, 15 million pesos become 19 million due to champion After depositing in the Mercado Pago FundWhich gave a return of around 25% in the five months the cycle ran.

But the Mercado Libre fintech is not the only one that offers interest to those who leave their money, something more than interesting in the context of constant devaluation and annual inflation of 102%.

Ula, Personal Pay, Prex, Orange X and n1u propose interesting alternatives Which, although they are less than the price increase (64% on average), is better than lost by a landslide.

This type of benefit is not the only one that can be derived from these Platforms that were no longer just apps for the unbanked and became a more holistic option and for all the people.

Digital Wallet: Why Investment Options Are Increasing

In recent years, many neighborhood businesses have started offering digital payments. it forced Users of different ages to perform their first operation with an electronic wallet, Many of them, satisfied with the experience, of course adopted them.

this panorama Opened doors for new demands of the public, like being able to invest your money in a simple way, Thus, the growth of digital payments subsequently became a gateway to offer far-reaching financial instruments.

in conversation with iProUPJuan Jose Lanzarotti, co-founder of tir, The free platform that provides financial education tools states: “it’s a growing segment, Everyone wants to compete with material wealth, Competition and the arrival of new players means that the rest cannot relax and must constantly improve their offer. This is good for the users.,

From Snoop Consulting, a firm that provides business solutions, software and integrations to companies, add iProUP He Wallet is no longer just a payment option: “At the same time, Empowering thousands of companies, reaching more peopleespecially the unbanked and who today occupy a significant percentage of the population”.

Andres Rodriguez Lederman, VP of Wealth Management ulaconfirms the iProUP that these platforms also play another important role: “they are educational tools So that people understand what investment is.”

“From ula orbit, Our free financial education platform, we have a Savings & Investing section in which we strive to create quality content He addresses issues such as what is investing and who does it work for; what is an investment account or basic account; what is risk and why is it important to measure it; Tips for saving,” he says.

in the same line, Daniel Conte, executive of praxconfirms the iProUP Along with providing access to more people in one account (CVU), financial inclusion should be the main pillar: “Using these applications, Multiple users not only gain access to a new world; They’re also learning how to handle themselves in this,

Paid accounts allow

Interest-bearing accounts allow you to “pass pay” and keep it working until the money is used, reducing the effects of inflation.

Digital Wallets: What Investment Options Do They Offer

Mercado Pago and Ualá allow you to get the first screenshot Thanks to the Investment Ecosystem general type of fund money market They offer and are selected the most in the country.

This alternative to “working” for money is less risky. And this has one important advantage: instant access to money.Unlike others that involve freezing capital.

Unicorn, founded by Pierpaolo Barbieri, was a pioneer in adding mods to those that aim to fight rampant inflation, which is up more than 100% year-on-year. that’s how it became One of the strongest Fintech ecosystem in the country with the strongest investment proposition in a single app,

  • Buying and selling of MEP dollars: which can be conducted without any ceiling
  • Argentine Certificate of Deposit or CEDEAR: Allows you to buy shares of Wall Street companies
  • Buying and selling of bitcoin and ethereum: through his company UANX with a license from the United Kingdom
  • Common Investment Fund: managed by Ualintec Capital and Ualintec Inversiones SGFCI

This last option has a return of 63% per annum And can be allocated from 1 peso. It is the second most popular FCI in Argentina., The first is Mercado Fondos with 94.7%Managed by BIND, accessed from Unicorn’s Wallet: The minimum amount to open is $2 and it yields 64% annually today.

in both cases, Payment account must be funded via CVU or Debin transfer and perform the following actions:

  • in ula: press button Ahead in the lower right corner, and then tap general investment fund, Then, you will need to enter the amount of pesos to be allocated to the fund
  • in market payment: push the button make your money work To open an account and complete the data. After this option will appear market funds at the top of the screen to manage it

Wallets invest in low risk instruments and instant redemption

From market pay slide iProUP Study scenario (as in Brazil, where they have separate FCIs and work with cryptocurrencies). Include high risk options,

Another one that has added digital currencies to its offering is the Uruguayan prax, Which becomes the first fintech wallet to join the MODO ecosystem, “We want users not to lose against inflation: we have investment options for small amounts to diversify the portfolio, in addition to transfers, payment of services and other operations,” Conte stressed.

provides a Closed environment to easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies with peso thank you for the lirium servicethat provides the security of being regulated in Liechtenstein,

Given these new options, Ignacio E. Carballo, an economist expert in fintech, assesses that “Companies are driven by increased competition and at the end of the day, the winner is the user.,

In a difficult year for the economy, in which the Central Bank’s low reserves and the high amount of peso in the market are the “sword of Damocles”, It is essential to know which investment options are suitable for each user’s profile to reduce the risks.

Thus, in such a volatile scenario, a phrase attributed to the American Benjamin Franklin (1706–1790) becomes more valid than ever: “Investment in knowledge pays best interest,