how much they yield over a given period of time

Key Wallet’s investment funds enhance their performance following the monetary authority’s new rate policy

He Central bank raised interest rates last week In an effort to make peso instruments more attractive to a indomitable dollar,

Thus, Fixed terms brought up by 91% per annumStill below inflation, but device performance is improving.

Fixed Term Vs. Money in the Mercado Pago and Ualá

beneath market pay updated your rate 72.7% at the end of this version, so allocate $100,000 Capital and interest will leave as:

  • 30 days: $106,058.33
  • 90 days: $119,298.34
  • 1 year: $202,552.49

in the matter of Very good, Reports the performance of their FCI 75.28%, so invest $100,000 Will return in principal and interest:

  • 30 days: $106,273.33
  • 90 days: $120,025.33
  • 1 year: $207,535.14

Lastly, as mentioned above, traditional fixed term offers higher returns, 91% per annum, Thus, the equal amount and interest will be:

  • 30 days: $107,583.33
  • 90 days: $124,518.82
  • 1 year: $240,403.04

Even though this instrument offers high yield, it forces you to “exit” in the duration provided to get the yield, while the investment fund ula And Mercado Pago lets money stay profitable until it’s used,

Investment funds: what do Mercado Pago and Ula invest in

Andres Rodriguez Lederman, VP of Wealth Management ulahighlights iProUP He FCI which provides platform to its users Does not take risks in the face of possible market collapse,

According to the executive, “type device, by composition of the investment portfolio, is mostly linked to reference ratesUnlike others who may be more affected”.

“Investing in Common Money Market Investment Fund is a money safe optionDiversify portfolios and face uncertainty. By Ulintech CapitalOur Comprehensive Liquidation and Compensation Agent (AlyC), and Ualintec Inversiones SGFCI, In ULA we offer the possibility of invest in low risk fciLederman comments.

one advantage is no minimum dwell time required, money can come to you anytime, in fact, in ula Throw light on the growth of this instrument. “There is a growing trend. We see a very positive response and We see that more and more people are added” he points out.

normal money

Mutual “money market” funds make it possible to make money profitable and redeem it on the same day

Ula and Mercado Pago, and the evolution of their ecosystems

These options attract the interest of more and more people, which translates into a Steady growth in Argentina’s two fintech giants’ operations,

Mercado Pago and Ualá deposit more than 80% in virtual accounts in the country, is that the companies led by Marcos Galperin and Pierpaolo Barbieri offer a An increasingly robust financial ecosystem. For every case other than the FCI, from It is also possible to invest in Ula,

  • Cedar: More than 80 available, from companies like Amazon, Google or Apple. increased business volume 120% from December to January
  • mep dollar purchases, simply and 100% online, increased business volume 160% in the same period
  • cryptocurrency: Users can buy and sell bitcoin and ether with pesos. more than 220,000 people have already opened their account

Mercado Fondo has over 5,000,000 users, And a large number of accounts take recourse to FCI to pay their money, is also available, And it offers credits and benefits to its customers with a tiered system.