How the IEB+ App Works

Grupo IEB Fintech App seeks to democratize the investment world through a commission-free membership system

where do thoughts come from Juan Ignacio AbuchidPresident and CEO of Grupo IEB, who has been 20 years in the capital market.

Abuchadid always had a dream to launch fintech To democratize access to the capital market and enable even small savers to act as large investors was done through conglomerates.

before installation IEB GroupAbouchadid AE worked as a financial advisor in a prestigious US investment bank. That’s where he understood The entry barriers to investing in the stock market were very high.So it was an exclusive activity for those who had a lot of capital.

it inspired them to dream More Inclusive Capital Markets and Financial Education Products To build a better future for all.

after positioning IEB Group (Investment in Stock Market) As a leading company in the capital market, followed its business and Fintech IEB+ made in 2022 To accompany this new product small savers in attractive investment world.

Investing in Education: The Pillar of the Company

Guido Mulero, manager of banking and digital transformation, reveals iProUP was intended from the beginning invest in technology To give users the tools and content to integrate into the world of investing.

simultaneously, IEB+ It is not only investing but also educating More people can manage their finances, make smart decisions and plan for their future,

For this, experts have developed an app with best technology, tools and useful resources so that more and more people can learn about finance to make wise decisions in future.

“With IEB+ we want to democratize access to capital markets: He All Can trade like big investorsAbuchad says.

To that end, he set out to overcome obstacles such as High entry cost, minimum investment requirements, and experience and knowledge requirements,

“We are with our customers from their first step Courses, recommended portfolios, investment strategies and support: We have ibbyOur chatbot, which is available 24 hours a day to answer all questions”, explains Mulero.

Investing in the Share Market: How to Take the First Step

Furthermore, experts highlight that it is important that Users set their financial goals and set up an investment plan to reach them. it means what are you thinking short, medium and long term goals,

Youthey also need Understand how financial markets workBecause it will help them to take informed decision. i.e. understand How do assets work and what are the factors that affect their price,

From IEB+ propose a membership system in which all The plans allow you to operate with 0% commission.

“Thinking of savers first, we created cheater plana free service so that they can Trade all local market instruments without commission or fees Maintenance,” he details.

This membership allows Access all content within the IEB: Curriculum, recommended portfolio and coursework.

This plan is valid till $250,000regardless of the operation of MEP Dollars, Mutual Funds, or Suretiesthat can be operated infinitely cheater plan,

“If your operations exceed the aforesaid amounts, you automatically qualify for the ‘Investor Scheme’, for which a $1,000 Monthly Fees You Can Operate Without Unlimited Commissions All equipment from the local market”, he elaborates.