How To Avoid Meme Coin Toss Scams?

How To Avoid Meme Coin Toss Scams?

Las meme coins gained immense popularity not only by design, but also for fraud that may be behind them, Thus, Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana, have proposed Zero-fee launch of new cryptocurrency to avoid scams for users. according to which their liquidity is exhausted Alex Dovbanya at You Today.

Yakovenko’s tweet also touched on this issue How to Tell the Difference Between Legitimate and Fraudulent Meme Coins, In response to a question about the classification of potentially misleading coins, he “proper list” using specific estimates for Identify active users and distribute Premier Coins seamlessly, Yakovenko suggested that a group of researchers could analyze and publish the list for use by anyone involved in coin tossing.

However, some highlighted potential problems with this approach, such as the risk Inventory has been compromised after first use due to airdrop farming and other handling practices, problems can also arise with empowering taxpayersWhich suggests avoiding it altogether as part of a zero premine strategy.

Solana’s founder further argued that despite the potential lack of direct incentives for coin makers, The market itself will benefit from the integration of these fair toss coins, When a user pointed out that the incentive to create and trade these coins may be low, Yakovenko responded by questioning whether the markets themselves won’t win. seems to mean A more trustworthy and transparent coin release process could, in turn, attract more users to these platforms.,

solana It is trading in an uptrend at $20.99 in the afternoon and remains above the 70 and 200 period moving averages of the last candles.

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