How to become a programmer without knowing how to program

Given the shortage of professionals in the computer industry, these tools provide benefits for both employees and companies.

The knowledge sector is the one that currently offers the best prospects for advancement: it not only pays the highest salaries in the country, but also allows independent work with dollar remuneration.

,There is a belief that in order to work in technology, you must know how to program. and it’s wrong“, he comments iProUP Nadia Stanevičius, Regional Human Resources Business Partner at Oracle.

The executive explains that “there are many functions and roles within companies and even IT teams that operate in other industries that require soft skills And Management and Organization SkillsWhich are just as relevant as programmers.”

Roman Zambrano, CTO of IBM Argentina, indicates iProUP is present Diversified roles and responsibilities that don’t necessarily involve writing code, For example, data analytics specialists may collect and analyze information.

However, he clarifies: “Having programming skills is beneficial. According to the IDB, in 2025 the IT industry will employ more than 1.2 million programmers in Latin America.” today I There are between 10,000 and 15,000 vacancies in Argentina According to the Chamber of Software (CESSI), there is a year-round shortage of qualified professionals.

“There is a challenge as a society, not only for the new generations, but also for those who are working, to create learning opportunities related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” Zambrano concludes.

How to work in the system without knowing how to program

Zambrano explains that Two tools for creating software without knowing how to program,

  • short code (under code): “The developers use Predefined code blocks, components, and visual workflows
  • no code (no code): “allows you to build applications using Visual tool, no need to write code,

Commented by Gaston Gorostaraju, CEO of Aptugo IPRUP: “Whereas in the past you could enter a broad spectrum of systems without programming, for example, performing quality analysis (QA) tasks or loading data, with the advent of tool short code More people are entering the world of programming,

“Before, you had to learn a programming language and it took a lot of time. Tools short code provide more direct solutions“he adds.

Therefore, “Can provide desired artificial intelligence system through a visual interface, without knowing a specific language, From there, the system will generate the necessary lines of code for that program to work,” he concludes.

In his sight, he makes it “Easy to start working by creating your own applications straight awayWith very little barrier to entry and hours instead of years.”

Commented by Flavia Sosa, Business Manager, G Group iProUP In addition to working with equipment Low-code / No-code, Experience and utility design, project management roles required And functional testingamong others”.


No code and low code tools allow you to design simple software

In the same sense, explains Maximiliano Britez, Director of Engineering at Redbee. IProUP: ,programming is only a part, perhaps the most visible of the manufacturing process, but it’s not alone: requires a set of skills and knowledge that go beyond”. Thus, he lists some Major Process Issues:

  • “Design the product, understand the potential users and create an experience the customer will love over the competition”
  • “Analyze business rules, document them, and test that products work correctly”
  • “Monitor and maintain them once they’re on the road”

Finally, experts emphasize that “Since these products are built as a team, it is essential for someone to lead them,

Working in Technology: What Jobs Don’t Require Programming

some of the roles involved in the making of digital products Beyond programmers: Product Manager, Product Owner, Product Designer, Business Analyst, UX/UI, QA, DevOps, Scrum Master and Engineering Manager,

“While in practice it adds up to a lot that these profiles have programming knowledge, they could not acquire it,” Britez says. In the age of agile software development, it is increasingly Ahead common and necessary Potential users are closer to the teams developing the solution And even be a part of them.

In other cases in which technologies open the game to something outside the traditional, such as machine learning or AIIt is important Teams organize for other professionalsmore than in the field of mathematics or statistics.

britez makes sure There are different platforms for creating software without programming, ,a tool short code For Excel lovers this can be airtablewhile the other is attached to the world webapp is Mendix“recommends RedBee Executive.


These solutions do not replace programmers when specific applications require

also advises on alternatives to data visualization As Red And recut smoothBoth short code, one of two Praisein manner no code, In the meantime, there are some options for creating an app, simbla, And,

WORKING WITH THESE TOOLS OFFER Profit in the face of talent shortage, Gorostreazu assures that in this way you can “hire a hyper-motivated person who is starting out and, therefore, will try to follow and demonstrate what he is capable of and what years of experience do not Are being given.”

Sosa Adds These profiles can provide practical solutions to companies that require simple solutions, However, he clarified that in case of a specific project “special profile is required to do custom development”.

“If you’re a product company, This type of technology is likely to enable generate business impact with a time to market more in line, If the business develops, the solution can grow to the point where short code Or no code There are great boundaries”, concludes Britze.

Furthermore, it states that “If the product is for internal use of a companyin which discrimination is not a priority, Device Low-code / No-code Provide high speed and low cost compared to a conventional development”.

In any case, comments Zambrano from IBM: “Anyone, of any age, can learn programming. Build a career in technologyregardless of their origins or academic training”, as all they need is “with passion, dedication and commitment”.

In fact, Oracle offers two initiatives to recruit new talent,

  • GenO (Oracle Generation): Priority focused on diversity and inclusion that does not require the submission of a CV. Application is anonymous without data such as gender, age or ethnicity
  • One (Oracle Next Education): 100% online and free training, designed for those who do not have access to quality education and want to change their social reality

In this regard, Stanevicius says: “Oracle believes in diversity as a powerful tool for innovation. Everyone can be a brilliant professionalbeyond their gender, race, age, sexual orientation or physical condition,” he concluded.