how to buy without anyone knowing

There are 12 of these terminals in the country that allow buying and selling of digital currencies using self-custody wallets.

In an economic landscape of high inflation and devaluation of the peso, Argentines resort to various options to protect their assets or as an investment method and one of them is cryptocurrency,

Although the so-called stable coinsCurrencies tied to the value of other things (dollars, commodities) appear to be a safe haven for those more accustomed to buying dollars, Bitcoin (B T c) It’s still the quintessential cryptocurrency: the one with the highest value and trending upward for a few weeks now,

There are many ways to buy bitcoin in argentina, Alemost common through exchanges that also works custody of digital currencies, Although it is not alone.

a few years ago, the ATM to buy or sell bitcoin, with the distinction that transactions can be made in cash with pesos. Firm in this context athena bitcoin It is the first and only company in the country to provide this service.


Do you want to buy crypto without anyone knowing?: ABC will work with the first bitcoin ATM in Argentina

Athena Bitcoin: The only BTC ATM in the country

athena bitcoin It is the first and only company in the country to have ATMs to buy or sell bitcoins, and pay or receive pesos in cash.

For now, the company It has 12 ATMs between the city of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires, which are located in shopping And supermarket,

  • dot
  • alcorta walk
  • absto shopping
  • upper palermo
  • go to square
  • Garden Gallery
  • Vicente López and Carrefour of Monroe
  • Constituents and the Walmart of Avellaneda.
Athena Bitcoin Crypto ATM on Dot Shopping

Athena Bitcoin Crypto ATM at DOT Shopping

the firm has 15,200 active users in Argentina And 900,000 in the regionin which they are present:

  • United States, its largest section
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • El Salvador, where they have a concession for the famous Chivo ATM

Pablo Quijano, Country Manager for Athena BitcoinProudly expresses that “we are the only ones who dare to bring these ATMs to Argentina, we import them from South Korea and they are not the same as traditional ATMs, as they only allow buying and selling “.

“They’re in public places for two reasons,” says Quijano:

  • By financial inclusionThey are very safe, easy to find locations, with cameras and private security
  • By Financial FreedomBecause anyone who uses or needs bitcoin can have easy and fast access to buy or sell it.

This last point is important for Athena Bitcoin, as they are a broker and not an exchange. “[The user]owns your crypto at all times and does not need to log into a bank account. This is true financial freedom,” says the manager.

How does Athena Bitcoin ATM work?

Once the user approaches the cashier, the screen will show two options:

In either case and the machine itself should indicate whether the transaction is high or low $4,500with $60,000 limitAnd then the user will be prompted to create an account where they will need to enter:

  • name and surname
  • E-mail
  • phone number
  • 4 number pin

Available cryptocurrency options are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • bitcoin cash
The Athena Bitcoin Crypto ATM is at Crystation Cafe in the DOT Mall

The Athena Bitcoin Crypto ATM is at Crystation Cafe in the DOT Mall

Before buying or selling, the live price of the security is visible, according to Quijano, “Updates are constant, pricing is competitive and we are always among the top 10 on platforms such as coin monitorwhich provides a ranking Compare buy/sell prices from other brokers”.

“In the case of an ATM in dollars, the screen will show you the price you saw at which you buy or sell, but it is not necessary to convert the price in dollars directly to pesos you get cash back in dollars“he adds.

An important clarification is that any transaction It takes about 10 minutes to take effect In the wallet, although not confirmed by the block of the chain, Athena does not wait for it to be confirmed and allows it to operate anyway.

How to buy cryptocurrency at Athena Bitcoin ATM?

in case of want Purchase cryptocurrency With cash, either pesos or dollars, the option appears to scan the wallet through a QR code Or enter the address manually, it is recommended to decline the second option as it is less practical.

At that point, you should open virtual wallet From cell phone in option “Get” And A code will be displayed which is scanned on the left side of the machineat the bottom of the screen, a distance not more than 15cm,

for inspection mun wallet was usedBut there are other recommended options like trustwallet,

Once the code is scanned, it’s time to pay billsThe process is the same as in arcade machines or casinos, a device sucks money And Income appears on the screenless than $100, cannot be bought for more than $60,000 per day, not to exceed $1,440,000 per year,

There is no daily limit on the number of dollar withdrawal machines, but there is an annual limit $2,400A figure that can be increased through a private form, with data that only Athena Bitcoin protects.

You can choose to print the receipt on paper or send it to a mailbox, in either case, it will indicate:

  • Transaction Date
  • sent to
  • crypto price at the time of purchase
  • peso/dollar inserted
  • crypto equivalent

How to sell cryptocurrency and withdraw cash at Athena Bitcoin ATM?

in case of want sell cryptocurrency and receive cash, the process is the same as for purchases.

Once the data is complete or loaded if you already have an account, the maximum transaction is selected and a QR code appears which should be scan from wallet that the user has in the “Send to” section.

bitcoin sale transaction receipt at athena bitcoin atm

bitcoin sales receipt at athena atm

In this case, we also used moun,

Once scanned from the wallet, the amount to be withdrawn is selected on the screen and sent from the wallet.

Like traditional ATM, Money is taken out from under the machinewhich advises on whether the first $1,000 or $500 bill is preferred. Once the transaction is complete, a receipt is mailed or printed.