How to earn from Fixed Term and Crypto Common Fund

The crypto world offers some low-risk tools for earning passive income on hard-currency-denominated assets. the keys

Skyrocketing blue and other types of exchanges made many Argentine dollars. For many, the greenback on the “mattress” is a way to seek refuge from local economic storms. but they are also The Cryptocurrency That Continues To Add Followers And Offers A Variety Of Investments,

Cryptocurrency Fixed Term: What It Is and How It Works

Cryptocurrency staking is one of the most popular options, as it resembles a “fixed term”: Funds are frozen in lieu of fees, which is published as APY (annual percentage return), similar to the TEA (annual effective rate) used in Argentina.

For this instrument, which is usually on the exchanges (tab earn one of two Investment), It is possible to use stable currencies that trade at the same rate as the dollar (USDT, USDC or DAI) or volatile ones (Bitcoin, Ether, etc.).

Cryptocurrency expert Leandro Markarian points to iProUP He Betting on one or the other cryptocurrency depends on the risk you are willing to take., However, there is a golden rule: Do not invest more money than you are willing to lose.

,in the matter of stable coinsYou win only at the rate, since the cryptocurrency does not grow, but is tied, for example, 1 to 1 with the dollar., And with cryptocurrencies that don’t have a hard peg (convertibility), you profit with the rate but you can also profit if the price moves,” the expert warns.

Among the local platforms where staking is possible, the following are typical:

  • binance: It is the most important exchange in the world. This allows them to create alongside DAI (1.5% per annum), bitcoin (0.5%) and ether (2.7%).
  • Goodbit: Guaranteed income of 2.5% with USDT and USDC, 1.5% with Ether and 3.5% with Solana
  • ArgenBTC: 3% with USDT and USDC, as well as 1% with Bitcoin and Ether

Lemon Cash offers its service earn (which is similar to betting) and gives profits to those who deposit their wealth, Ignacio Jimenez, business director, indicates iProUP That through the app you can buy cryptocurrency from 100 pesos and use the service.

“Lemon is integrated into the Aave protocol, which makes it possible to provide weekly income based on a percentage of the management of the protocol,” says the expert. reveals 40% of active clients use the service with a total investment of US$7.7 million.

“Interestingly, from the app Funds deposited by users can be viewed in real time, Thanks for the live proof of reserve“, which allows you to verify every 10 minutes on the blockchain all the cryptocurrencies you hold and monitor the pulse of the market, such as withdrawals of funds, tokens, amounts, networks and addresses.

Crypto synthetic assets: what are they and how are they used

Another option to invest are crypto synthetics, double the price of a property Which is on a different network than the original network. The most famous is WBTCWhich represents bitcoin on the ethereum network.

When the “main” goes up, so does its “twin”. Also, synthetic can be used for functions that the original property does not allow. For example, Can WBTC be used for stakingOne possibility is absent in bitcoin.

As the token is relatively easy to create, they comment from BuenBit: “The important thing is to know which institution issues it and if it has enough backing., Fortunately, thanks to the transparency of blockchain, This information can be viewed by anyone at any time,


Staking provides a fee for keeping cryptocurrencies locked up

Educator and crypto communicator Iñaki Apazztegia states that the “oracle” should be observed. That is, the source of information from which the protocol quotes. In this sense he explains Synthetix is ​​an excellent platform for finding trusted tokens,

Crypto Mutual Funds: What are they and how do they work

Although Markarian confirms that mutual funds are only offered by regulated institutions, Apezteguia indicates that a similar tool exists in the crypto world: Liquidity Pool: “People lock up a cryptocurrency and put it into a stock to lend money to other users”., Because of this, a feesOf which the investors get a share.”

Among the most recognized are Uniswap and Curve., To use them, you must have the cryptocurrency in a software wallet (Metamask, Trust and so on) or in cold ones like Trezor and Ledger.

Regarding the benefits, minimum investment amount and cost, experts tell that They are highly variable, as they will depend to a great extent on the network in which it operates., “The Ethereum network is not the same as Polygon, as the latter has a much lower entry fee,” he exemplifies. And they differ according to the demand for digital currency, term, and so on.

It is possible to know the percentage of expected return before entering the liquidity pool, However, the trend can change in a matter of hours. However, it is possible to make gains of up to 10% per annum. The amounts to be entered are much less than US$50.

Regarding the associated dangers, Aepaztegia points out that, as These platforms work with smart contractsThey may not be audited or may contain code flaws.

Liquidity pools offer a similar operation to mutual funds

Liquidity pools offer a similar operation to mutual funds

“Another risk is that they are poorly programmed and some malicious actor siphons off funds, or they are equipped with highly volatile cryptocurrencies, causing permanent damage,” he says. Another risk, says Markarian, is the lack of regulation, which although is good for market development, leaves individuals vulnerable against some mismanagement.