How to find a job and a good salary

More and more Argentines resort to looking for a remote job for foreign companies and charging for it in dollars. best platform to find it

The labor industry was hit hard globally thousands of people who were left without a job from one day to the next,

But every crisis represents an opportunity: The globalization of work and the home office have broken into the world so that Every professional gets more opportunities, Therefore, there are more and more portals that allow you to find a Desired role, remotely and with salary in dollars,

,There are many employment platforms, each with its own characteristics and benefits. The choice depends on various factors”, assures iProUP Natalia Terlizzi, CEO of Hucap.

Job Search: Best Platform

LinkedIn, FlexJobs, Upwork, Boomeran and Computerbajo look like between Hemost popular ace, the very first, Terlizzi describes him Leading Network of Featured Active SearchesWith reference to profiles who do not intend to change jobs but are willing to listen to the offer if approached.

,offer Filter by location, industry and any relevant criteria, allowing you to create alerts and receive notifications of new jobs Which matches their interests,” he says.

Hucap CEO says Many companies have their own application websites And, in the case of prestigious employer brands, it’s a “very powerful channel of attraction because, at some point, they serve as specialized search platforms.”


Programmers are the ones who bite the bullet not only in number of offers but also in better remuneration

The above platforms focus primarily on jobs in a dependency relationship, but there are others for those interested. the stalls Independentcollaborators who work with the project or specific tasks And manage your own hours. Among them the following stand out:

  • This is the most used worldwide with almost 800,000 registered Argentines
  • is the global leader for programming related jobs.
  • Workana: Made in Argentina, offers offers in a variety of fields from computing to design and writing
  • This local startup focuses on executive positions. It has a calculator for freelancers to decide the price of their services

“Professions that are most in demand and offered are related to information technology (IT), with affinity in specialized skills. For example, website development and mobile app designamong others”, assigns iProUP, Sebastian SiselsVP of

“Lawyers, architects, administrators, among others, want to improve their income. Instead, In the case of programmers, companies are the ones looking for them”, Sisels says.

Other areas of high demand are those related to Design, Communications and Marketing, “Today, what goes through the great advertising budget globally digital and network marketing used for facebook, instagram or tiktok“, indicates Sisels, and indicates that there are more than 2,000 skill categories at your service,

for his part, lucas manjia seed executive, tells iProUP what makes up your community Six Hub, where you can find over forty professional roles,

covers the area of Operations, Design & Product, Technology & Data, Business, Sales & Marketing, Specifically on the most essential positions, the following are typical:

  • Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Analyst and Data Visualization
  • Project Manager and Business Consultant
  • HR Consultants & Change Management

Freelance workers can earn up to $8,000 per month

Seed It was born as a platform for independent professionals and freelancers. Seeks to create a “community of talent with recognized experiences and skills” what they call Seed, To be concerned, the brand receives an average 1,500 monthly applications,

Job Search: How to Become a Freelancer Without a Boss or Schedule

When asked about the requirements for applying to job offers, representatives of Highlights: “you don’t need a University degree or course completedalthough they are qualities that add to thought while performing a specific task or action”.

Sisels reminds that this is not exclusively a job in itself. Rather, it is more than one “Location of Services” in which a specific project is contracted how to make a logo or website, ,The more verifications a user has, the more attractive their profile“he adds.

seed executive clarifies that whoever wants apply as cedar, must pass through verification process, Out of the total number of applicants received only between 5% and 10% enter your community,

Terlizzi believes it’s important Carefully analyze factors such as the context of professional, economic or family status and wherever you want”guide your future work,

Key Have to define a competitive pricing structureDetermine what the market pays for certain jobs, as well as the difference between what someone can offer. executive recommends make a portfolio For Show results and projects,


Microjobs are small tasks that do not require technical knowledge and are solved in a short period of time

another important point is establish a work routine, “Although one of the benefits most desired by freelancers is being able to manage a schedule, planning activities is one of the keys to being more productive.”

Job Seeking: How Much Can You Earn in Dollars

Desired salary is one of the most important factors. A Boomerang survey shows that currently expected salary is approx $250,000 per month,

Sisels reminds that a self-employed person’s income depends on the hours they devote to work: “A good freelancer, with years of experience and reputation, can earn around $8,000 per month.“, express.

Average price for each project (which can last a few hours or days) is US$160, Sissel He comments on the case of professionals who started on his platform and, years later, established a company with an annual turnover of US$1 million,

Manji revealed thatTechnology and Data Hub Pays Between $350,000 and $900,000 according to role and seniority, while Business can reach 1.1 million dollars, For this dependent jobsboomerang shows that corresponds to the highest salary,

  • Finance Manager: $600,000 for middle positions
  • Project Leadership: $450,000 at the senior and semi-senior levels
  • Industrial Security: $325,000 for junior positions

Finally, the areas to focus on the largest number of ads are Production, Supply & Logistics (24%), commercial (23%) and Administration and Finance (22%). These three areas represent Have applied for seven out of 10 posts,