How to invest in a home with a low down payment

Tools for investing in the real estate market are becoming popular and offer an enticing option for those who still dream of “owning their own home”.

Property prices have hit a four-year low, caused by the general crisis of the Argentine economy, constraints on dollar purchases, and the non-existence of mortgage loans, leading to Buying a property in a mission impossible for most Argentinians.

But a new version of technology allows invest in bricks And reach home little by little. Or savings in assets in dollars and in monthly installments. A sort of “Procreate 4.0” This allows the middle class to have access to (or at least close to) a home.

Real Estate Crowdfunding: What It Is And How It Works

with speed Argentines invest in real estate projects to buy square meters and preserve savings, This mode is known as crowdfunding or crowdfunding: Each person buys a share of the asset and when it is sold or rented out, they receive a proportionate income. These platforms are gaining increasing importance because:

  • They are backed investments in the real economy
  • Access barriers have been lowered for retail investors
  • They allow you to invest from small amounts without contracts, quotas or interest
  • They offer security of value and the possibility of generating income
  • They are safe disbursements: if good returns are not received, the capital is recovered
  • Funds can be redeemed whenever you want

is one of those companies craudium, your president, damien lopobecomes to iProUP He “90% of the world’s population does not have US$100,000 in net worthbetween savings and assets, while 72% own less than US$10,000,

,a in argentina Median property price is up to US$100,000, so only 9% of residents can access it, There’s a flaw, especially in countries with no funding,” he concludes.

Victor Zabala, CEO of another investment firm, Sumar Inversion real estate crowdfunding, redial on iProUP, “Earlier, the minimum to start investing in bricks was a studio apartment or a garage. Now, These systems democratize real estate investing, allowing anyone to enter“, he comments iProUP.

“Betting on bricks is still a good option to avoid losing purchasing power, Because keeping silver in a good project adds a plus, which is revaluation over time.: Buy at cost and leave at market value,” explains Zabala.

Your company provides modules or shares of a development ,land and housing construction) From MEP to u$s100 (about $35,600) and Pay till the completion of the project if you want it.

Once the work is done (23 or 36 months), it is offered in the market and The proceeds of the sale are distributed proportionately among the shareholders. what was distributed to each Including a profit of about 30% in dollars,

it also provides a Linked to fixed income product dollar rental agreement already built property, Each investor will receive a share of the amount paid per month by tenant, with a Fixed rate of 5% per annum in US currency.

,We want people to see this as a sustainable method of investment and savings., If someone, at the end of 10 years, manages to collect the value of the property, they can exchange it for a unit or withdraw the money and buy an apartment,” says Zabala.

for his part, craudium defined as a platform for People who do not have big savings buy square meters And get returns of up to 12% per annum in dollars.

“We offer a tool so that pesos that depreciate at 6% per month in Argentina are invested to accumulate square meters in our projects And, later, to recover the capital, profit and turn it into the down payment of a house”, points out Lopo. the process works as follows,

  • They can be delivered from $35,600
  • Options are added every two or three months: residential building, commercial complex, office, subdivision or a property with oil income in Vaca Muerta.
  • Users share the project they have selected
  • Investments up to US$2,000 can be transferred free of charge to a company registered with the National Securities Commission (CNV)

the stage is 130,000 Registered Investorswho anchored 23 projects for over US$25 million.

,We are incorporating technology, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data to allow automated responses and recognition of documents”, highlights Lopo, who anticipates the firm expanding into Latin America and the US.

One of the projects in which Crowdium users can participate

One of the projects in which Crowdium users can participate

Real Estate Crowdfunding: How To Invest Abroad

Gonzalo Abelsamo, CEO of simplestateexplain to iProUP one of them The key feature of its platform is that it reaches the small saver, with tickets starting at $10,000.

Company analyzes various real estate options in five countries before acquisition, Once completed, they invite savers to invest based on various offers:

  • Rental Rent: bet on one dollar rental propertyin Argentina or abroad, and get income every month (9% annual rate in dollars)
  • Flex Clearance: Ideal for short-term investors who pay pesos, convert them to dollars and they can go in 90 days (4% to 5% per annum)
  • Final Fare: Rental offers over a period of 12 to 14 months, waiting for final sale of property and withdraw your share (9% p.a.)

,We are a different crowdfunding model because we have short-lived products. we believe that other Long term options are not attractive to them For the small investor, since they cannot wait for long to recover their money”, confides Abalsamo, who adds that 18 projects have already been sold.

SimpleState offers three types of rentals for its users: rental rental;  Flex Withdrawals and Final Income, offers that vary according to the investor's profile

SimpleState offers three types of rentals for its users: rental rental; Flex Withdrawals and Final Income, offers that vary according to the investor’s profile

Invest in bricks: how to do it with cryptocurrencies

,Ours is not an investment app, but a savings app“clarifies iProUP Gabriela Linares, Co-Founder cryptobrick, which allows you to buy tokens linked to the price of this content And it works as follows:

  • User deposits pesos, receives tokens and builds a virtual collection
  • no minimum amount
  • Token shares can be bought
  • Tokens are exchanged for building materials

Platform creates an internal index based on a reference (Brick prices vary according to the price lists of three public organizations such as INDEC, the Argentine Chamber of Construction and the City of Buenos Aires and Corralones). Updates are done every month to fix the value of the token,

For example, $CLAD (Criptoladrillo token nomenclator) was listed in January $159 Which is 30% higher than when the app was launched in August. creates the need for context Think about new savings optionsBecause dollar purchases are limited in Argentina today and credits are not accessible to everyone,” says Linares.

The executive comments that “The possibility of dividing by technology gives rise to this type of choice, For those who do not have a home or who are in need of improvement”.

The platform already has 1,000 users, It aims to connect suppliers from across the country and diversify the offering, including new segments such as home appliances and decor. It is also working on a new functionality so that People redeem their funds when needed or they can sell their tokens,

Thus, technology provides many tools to make it easier to invest in bricks, have fewer barriers and reach more Argentines.