How to invest with pesos and earn in dollars

The adversity of economic conditions encourages investors to protect their money. How the new bitcoin futures index works

The crypto ecosystem gains followers in the world. in ArgentinaOne of the leading countries in the adoption, bitcoin index futures contracts now accessible, This initiative is approved by the National Securities Commission (CNV), authorizes negotiation and agreement in pesos and without delivery of the underlying asset.

Specific, The above indicator is composed of quotes of major cryptocurrencies provided by various companies Which facilitates operations between BTC-ARS with deposit of local currency by bank transfer.

Matba Rofex is in charge of the selection of bidders, for which they require an existing contract with a Payment Service Provider (PSP) Registered with the Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina (BCRA) for the provision and use of its payment services in the country.

Thus, the option of Trade cryptocurrency instruments on a regulated market. Qualified investors can earn from the fluctuations in the price of bitcoin under a legal framework.

What benefits does the bitcoin index bring?

Alan Raimondi, economist and co-founder of BisBull points to iProUP He The futures of this cryptocurrency have two main uses: coverage and speculation., He says they can be used in a similar way to how traditional financial markets operate.

With regard to use as a hedge, it allows protection against exchange fluctuations: If the objective is to take a position before the final arrival of an upward trend, they are convenient against price divergences. In the case of speculative strategies, they make it possible to profit from currency fluctuations.,

Cryptocurrency expert Ianaki Apazztegia highlights iProUP Another advantage of this device is that Get a contract, sell it in the market and get more liquidity, In other words, it increases the probability of operation.

“by negotiating with regulated agents who have an operating infrastructure, Investors invest more securely than those operating in a decentralized manner“, Add.

Bitcoin Index Futures: Why Use Them in Argentina?

The local economy faces two evils that won’t give up: high inflation and high exchange rate volatility,

Regarding the price index, analysts are already discounting a minimum of 7% for April (And let’s talk about the most daring 8%). As far as the dollar is concerned, Citation they went strong In April: 34% for blue and 11% for cash with settlement (CCL), taking the gap with the official to over 100%.

Alexis Enartone, an analyst at LDT Brokers, explains iProUP He Currency mismatch fuels craze for cryptocurrencies, especially for stable coinsWhich makes it possible to have assets at 1:1 parity with US banknotes.

“In this emphasis on community, bitcoin futures charge interest, Even more so given the departure from the declining trend in 2022“, experts say.

Bitcoin futures could pave the way for regulation of these assets

Bitcoin futures could pave the way for regulation of these assets

Bitcoin Index Futures: How Profitable It Can Be

apeztegia warns Bitcoin futures allow for higher profitability than action in overseas marketsHowever they take more risk.

“This instrument makes it possible to have exposure to bitcoin and with a benefit for the investor: it delivers the peso. Therefore, You Can Benefit From Crypto Without Owning It Or learn in depth what technology is behind them”, explains the expert.

Raimondi says returns will depend on the capital invested and the strategy, but “If you apply the knowledge gained you can make a minimum daily profit,

Bitcoin Futures Index: Who Can Access?

CNV is for measurement Participate in the “Qualified Investor” operationThat is, those who have a certain understanding of blockchain and a broad risk profile.

Annarton believes that, in general, those who add are Users who already have experience trading these instruments in traditional markets: “It is not advisable for newcomers to do it, as they should have a good time operating them and knowledge of the variables that affect them.”

Alan Raimondi says it’s important Learn and start with minimum amount To experience unsteadiness in “your flesh” And with real money. “In this way, one is breaking the fear while operating. He gains confidence until she asks if he’s comfortableSays the analyst.

Bitcoin futures allow exposure to this asset but in a regulated market

Bitcoin futures allow exposure to this asset but in a regulated market

“The BTC index released by CNV gives us Excellent opportunity to generate profit and coverage with any size of wallet, I celebrate the creation of tools that help grow savings and investments.”

For the time being, operation is limited to “qualified” investors, large companies, organizations or individuals with portfolios in excess of 350,000 UVA ($78 million). but hope there New options based on this tool that allow retail users to expose themselves to bitcoin Through the Common Investment Fund.