How to know if they’ve read your message without ‘seeing’ it

The private messaging app hides tricks most people are unaware of. You will be able to check whether someone has seen the content you sent without activating read receipts

WhatsApp It has frequent updates and new features for its millions of users around the world.

Recently a trick was revealed that the user who has disabled the double blue checkmark has read the message sent to him or not.

For a few years, applications related to meta made the decision that each user can Decide if there are “seen” messages To avoid any inconvenience caused to any other person.

However, there are still people who manage Find out if the other person actually read a text message,

This new function is part of a larger set of recent updates, such as the “Approve participants” button in service groups or the activation of WhatsApp’s hidden camera.

Whatsapp: QWhat is ‘Read Receipt’

read settings There is a function that is used for contacts to know the moment and time in which you read the messages that they sent to you in a certain personal conversation.

if it's a trick to know

There’s a trick to know if they read your message even if they have check disabled

A user who decides to deactivate this function will not be able to know whether other people have read the messages sent by them, as this also applies to the person’s own number.

however, there is Tool that allows you to find out if they read your messagesEven if they have disabled read receipts.

WhatsApp: How to know if they read your message without ‘seeing’ it

For Find out if someone read your message Regardless of whether read confirmation is activated, the following steps must be followed:

  • First login to whatsapp
  • There you have to go to the conversation from where he deactivated the double blue check
  • Then, click on the message you sent
  • There you will see a series of options.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper corner
  • Select “Info”

WhatsApp will immediately show two lists. At first, me (read by) group members who have already seen the message will leave, no matter if they have disabled the double blue tilde.

in the second list (delivered to) will show users who haven’t seen what you wrote yet, but have already received it.

These steps work like this whatsapp webWhere you can also find out which people read your message.

trick so other people don't know

Trick so that other people don’t know which user has seen their own messages can also be used on WhatsApp web

Besides, This trick also works in group chatsFor those who want to maintain privacy among their social groups.