how to pay money in account

Digital wallets allow you to leverage your income and extend their exposure until you need to use them. i know how to use them

Inflation is out of control in Argentina. According to the latest Consumer Price Index published by INDEC, the year-on-year increase is over 140%, Therefore, To partially preserve purchasing power, consumers must perform financial “magic”.

One such trick is offered by digital wallets (eg MercadoPago, Orange X and Ula, And platforms that allow “living in crypto”which provide the possibility make money profitable And spend them only when needed. Fundamentally these options appear as one of the most attractive, as they allow:

  • Invest money uninterrupted, as with traditional fixed terms
  • earn daily profit
  • Get money at any time, without waiting for the redemption period

Monetize Balance: How it Works

Mercado Pago was the first wallet to offer returns to those who maintained their balance, through a Common Investment Fund (FCI) Managed and protected by BIND.

Esteban Eidelszteyn, the company’s senior manager, confirmed this iProUP The advantage of this device is that it allows Earn returns while money is still available for shopping With QR or prepaid cards, make transfers, pay for services, recharge cell phones or SUBE, and more.

“Today, a large part of Argentina is managed in cash, which is suffering a loss of value to the income. Others resort to fixed periods, but the minimum is 30 days and they do not hold the money, Experts point out.

,Mercado Pago is not bound by minimum amounts, it is very easy to use and Bank account is not required :lUsers just have to enter, go to option know more And fill some details. It also makes it possible to cancel in a simple way if you decide not to continue investing”, commented Eidelsztein.

Cryptocurrency platforms also provide this type of benefit, In this sense, explains Julian Colombo, CEO of Bitso Argentina. iProUP While leaving the peso at zero rate in the traditional banking system means losing out systematically against inflation, offers to convert them into digital dollars devaluation hedge,

“You can get 2% annual return on hard currency deposited every Monday,” he says. To execute the operation, Colombo ensures that they can plan their savings and diversify the portfolio 45 listed cryptocurrencies that, “if there is a positive change in recent months, enhance legacy“, Add.

“To buy them, simply download the app or access the web. With account creation, Bitso offers CVU to transfer money, buy or sell cryptoColumbus says.

At the same time, users can dispose of them and use them in their everyday purchases. ,With QR, they can directly pay for various services or products with cryptoWith automatic instant conversion and very low commission”, says the expert.

the funny thing is bitso The central bank’s interoperable QR system was the first exchange to get on Transferencia 3.0, so it’s possible Pay at any store that operates with these codes. ,we offer Crypto back with the use of QR: Up to 25% of total purchases are instantly refunded in bitcoin“, concluded the CEO of Bitso in Argentina.

Maximiliano Hinz, director of binance For South America, indicates iProUP He The biggest advantage of these transactions is generate passive returns, “They are small incomes, independent of the stability period, with daily benefits that can be accessed at any time without any type of penalty,” says the manager.

It also offers its own QR for businesses offering cryptocurrency payments. Unlike Transfer 3.0, Operation not tied to commissions,

Monetize Balance: how do argentinians use it

manager of market pay says that the success of this app is due to its contribution to financial inclusion. It is noteworthy that since their launch with Banco Industrial they have exceeded 6.6 million users with prime accountswith an unprecedented increase from the 400,000 that were initially available throughout Argentina.

“If we look at the balances invested through payment service providers, i.e. digital wallets, 95% of those funds are in thisAdds Adelsztein.

Meanwhile, Colombo explains Bitso’s community is over 1 million people in the country and this year There was a significant increase in the number of people resorting to Argentina. stable coins (backed at 1:1 parity like the dollar), bitcoin, other altcoins.

“In Argentina, Stablecoins are the most selected with over 31% volume of crypto transactionscompared to 26% in Brazil and 18% in Mexico,” the expert says.

in bitso they see that there’s a Correlation between inflation, dollar growth in Argentina and people joining the crypto world, ,Digital Dollar is an easy, secure and accessible option to protect yourself“, highlights Colombo, and adds: “This is reflected in the app’s activity, both in the number of users and the volume operated”.

“Over the past month, in addition to inflation of around 8%, it specifically happened that bitcoin and the dollar rose, so we recorded a movement towards these assets to protect the value of the money. We also saw Increase digital dollar purchases on dates close to salary and bonus paymentsColombo concluded.