How to take out retirement insurance and what are its benefits

The importance of having a planned financial life is unfortunately discovered in the elderly when it is already difficult to accumulate resources.

The wait to retire from working life is looked forward to by many, mainly to do activities that get postponed during the working years due to time constraints due to the complexity of day to day life.

However, that moment can be marred by a Economic limitations that make it impossible to fulfill these dreamsSince the amount has been provided The current pension system is barely enough to cover basic expenses.

For this reason, analysts are indicating that have good financial behavior and suitable savings plan the basic conditions are In this sense to achieve a healthy life.

Achieving long-term goals in old age may be linked Build a Retirement Fund, to achieve stability, as soon as possible get trained and start investing money For the future, it would be much better. Good resource management not only has far-reaching positive effects; Too Reduces current financial stress, Improving mental and emotional well-being.

In short, so that retirement is not a choice between drastically reducing the standard of living or continuing to work to generate additional income that reduces the imbalance, You have to put the issue on the agenda before crossing the 50 barrier.

Retirement Fund: How It Works

Is known retirement fund, are savings channels aimed at Guaranteed greater peace of mind and financial independence upon reaching old age.

Individually or combined with other investment options—such as stocks, negotiable obligations, or quoted indices (ETFs), among others— Can make the difference between retiring within the time set by the pension system or continuing to work for many years To reach higher yielding monthly payments.

combination of strategies purchase of bonds and shares For a moderate investor profile it can generate a 9% Average Annual Return, expert advice Dedicate approximately $150 per month (Cash with Liquidation):

  • If they only saved in 30 years, they would reach $54,000
  • If they are invested, compound interest on the capital and the profitability achieved will be used: over 30 years they will accumulate US$257,000

This sum also produces Annual income of US$23,000which is approximately equal to $2,000 per month,

Retirement Funds: What Are The Key Factors

Joaquin Arregui, financial advisor at Extensio Finanzas, explains iProUP The central point in maintaining a long term accumulation plan is get behavior associated with Lots of patience to counter market volatility,

,Good financial practices help you identify and prioritize your expenses control your accounts, With enough savings, you avoid falling into obvious debts. Thus, it is viable to invest for the future and achieve goals faster,” says the expert.

In this context, Lautaro Franco, Head of Digital Accounts and External Asset Managers at PPI, explains iProUP He Consistency and control of emotions are key to putting together and maintaining a hoarding plan., “To explain it further, must wear one Monthly collection target and be disciplined to complete it.

Retirement funds are safer than dollars in a mattress: They can't be damaged or stolen and they earn compound interest.

Retirement funds are safer than dollars in a mattress: They can’t be damaged or stolen and they earn compound interest.

On the other hand, Once the money is invested, the worry of a sharp fall in the price of the property should be moderated, In long term investing, they will go through ups and downs This happens in the short term,” the expert says.

Retirement Fund: What are the advantages

According to Mariela Gilardoni, an insurance and investment producer, there are many benefits to this type of preventive savings. and highlight iProUP He These operations generate a Interest between 5% and 7% per annum in dollars,

In addition, he comments that they have great flexibility to increase or decrease the monthly commitment. it is possible to carry out Partial withdrawals for the term of the plan, without withdrawals for redemption, “there is also option to apply money injectioni.e. a single lumpsum, irrespective of the prescribed periodic contribution,” say experts in financial planning.

According to Gilardoni, Benefits that come with retirement plans include deduct tax from earnings,

For his part, Arregui indicates that the tool “helps you achieve economic objectives, prepare you for the unexpected And reduce financial stress“. These goals, he maintains, can materialize in buying a house, a car, raising children or retirement,

Retirement Funding: Why It’s Important to Do It in Argentina

gilardoni points iProUP The great growth and success of this method of saving is centered on the fact that Many Argentinians know what happens when one does not have a reservoir To meet your total cost.

In this way, a Sustained shift towards these devices at an average of about 60% over the last 5 years, These plans allow you to get the same benefits.

Financial planning ensures an additional income that will help during old age

Financial planning ensures an additional income that will help during old age

Arragui stressed that the retirement fund is a Great way to supplement retirement, “I can assure you that if If you invest equal to what you contribute in 30 years, you get at least two current salarieshe warns.

“It is more than necessary to do in our country, because Today’s retirement is not enough to live comfortably: you get 60% of what you used to get“, shoots Arregui. And emphasizes:” If something happens to you and you die, all the money you contributed stays for the state. if instead You are in a savings scheme for investment, the money stays with your family,

Franco says It is not necessary to do this in Argentina, which is in favor of those who prefer to do it abroad and protect themselves from local risk. He comments that those who “decided to take it in domestic aircraftOne advantage is that there are such tools:”

  • Cedar: “They are local titles of small portions of shares of global companies that can be accessed in pesos”
  • ETF: “they are groups of stocks of different companies belonging to an economic sector that replicate foreign indices”

, Ease of access to these instruments and liquidity There is an incentive to accumulate money as opposed to investing directly abroad”, he says. Gilardoni stresses that it is essential to start managing assets from an early age.

“Having a plan for many years, even decades, the process is like a snowball: the higher and higher it is, the faster it grows, and just have to Give it 10% of our income and let the money work for you“, experts say.

Arregi and Franco agree that using compound interest can be achieved by applying this scheme over a number of years: The longer the investment horizon, the more capital you get,