I Just Fainted, Thanks to Henry Cavill With Salt-and-Pepper Hair — See the Photos

it’s been a long two years Magicianseason two ends in 2021, and as a fan, I’m excited but also sad for the first half of season three to premiere on June 29. Of course, I’m looking forward to cuddling up on my couch for the show, but the arrival of season three also means it’s the last time we’ll see Henry Cavill As Geralt of Rivia with his white half top braid. Thankfully, he’s bringing some of Geralt’s flair into the real world with subtle silver streaks in his hair and beard.

Cavill appeared on 28 June Magician He was dressed in an all-black suit for the UK premiere and his salt-and-pepper hair was worn in silky waves cascading down the back of his neck. You can see the growing whiteness on his sideburns and temples. (Those silver pieces are more pronounced when viewed from the side.) I’m guessing that if he parted his hair down the middle, the pieces in the front would be the length of curtain bangs (aka, it’d be pretty long for Cavill). Have long hair. Without wig).

Getty Images

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