Incorrect posture: this improves and prevents back and neck pain

northOr, it’s not a problem with the models. A Poor posture doesn’t just affect the way we move and introduce ourselves to others. It hurts the back, neck, spine and also the mood. To correct the positions that we maintain without paying attention, simple precautions are enough, as explained by Dr. Gianluca Galimberti, head of the Orthopedic Rehabilitation section at the Humanitas Clinical Institute in Milan.

bad posture does not exist

Perhaps it would be more correct to say that the posture does not exist. «From a medical point of view, talking about posture makes little sense, because the term posture indicates a static concept, but we are never stationary”, explains Dr. Gianluca Galimberti. “Even when we are standing in front of a computer or trying not to move, we unconsciously make many micro-movementswhich serve to make our position more comfortable and to adapt to the force of gravity”, continues the expert.

One, two, three… back

Just think of when we played 1,2 3… star. It was not possible to remain immobile, despite making a great effort and for that reason during each action we assume many posturesFortunately not all bad! «Our body is not made to stay still: if we try to keep a finger bent back for a few seconds we will see that, even if there is no pathology, releasing it will hurt. The same with the back, “explains the physiatrist. We change our position to feel better, to feel more comfortable, but then why do we often assume the wrong posture?

our worst enemy

In most cases, bad posture is the fault of gravity. If we lived in zero gravity, or were Samantha Cristoforetti’s companions, everything would be easier and back pain would just be an old memory. “The posture, even if it is incorrect, is the reaction that activates the body to resist the force of gravity» explains Dr. Gianluca Galimberti. Having to fight against such a great force, the spine and muscles tend to adopt the most comfortable position, which is not said to be the best in the long term.

The laptop promotes bad postures and muscle contractions. fake images

Why do all athletes have a good “portion”?

“Because yours neuromuscular system reacts better to gravity, since they train constantly”, explains Dr. Gianluca Galimberti. “Their neuromotor capacity is more active and, consequently, they are able to avoid bad posture more easily,” concludes the expert. In simple words: get off the couch and run to build muscles in the gym. Could it be a solution?

Running does not improve poor posture

Going to the gym and doing weights, exercises or Pilates classes is definitely beneficial for train our muscles and the neuromotor system to correct posture. Running not even every day. Like walking, jogging is certainly helpful for losing weight, fighting osteoporosis, and improving the cardiorespiratory system, but it has little effect on posture. “We can say that running and walking are second class medicine. Because physical activity for postural problems is a real drug, which must be “prescribed” by an expert, but then the treatment must be followed as if it were a real therapy, because in fact it is”, explains Dr. Gianluca Galimberti.

A medicine to take 2 times a week.

What is the physical activity that can be considered the drug of choice for bad postures? “The important thing is that it is an activity that you like, because you have to practice it constantly, at least twice a week for an hour each”, explains Dr. Gianluca Galimberti. If you then get to 3 sessions it would be even better. “When one the sport likes helps to fight what’s more another enemy of posture: hello stress». Anxiety, worries and other emotional factors often weigh on the shoulders, not just metaphorically. When you are stressed you tend to stay more closed, more contracted, therefore “chin up”, which in English is used to say “courage”, but which literally means “chin up”. A first step to improve posture.

Back and Neck Pain: Exercises to Work Smart by Sayonara Motta

Back and Neck Pain: Exercises to Work Smart by Sayonara Motta

Is swimming really the best sport?

When you’re in the pool, your body feels like it has 80% less gravity. That is why it is thought that the support of water helps to combat back pain and improves bad postures. But that is not the case. It feels light, but for the muscles this is not always good. “in water our proprioceptive functionality is less active, that is the ability of the body to react to the force of gravity» explains Dr. Gianluca Galimberti. Consequently, swimming is certainly good for you, but it does not help correct your posture because, also due to the Archimedean push, our “soft” muscles work in a completely different way than under the influence of gravity.

Dr. Gianluca Galimberti is in charge of the Orthopedic Rehabilitation Section of the Humanitas Institute of Milan.

So everyone to Pilates to fight bad posture?

Surely Pilates helps a lot to improve posture and correct certain position defects. «It doesn’t matter if you practice free-body or with machines, the most important thing is that the instructor is really prepared and checks that the exercises are always done correctly» advises Dr. Gianluca Galimberti. “On the other hand the tennis and other sports that mainly develop one part of the body, they are not going very wellto avoid damage due to incorrect posture. However, if a person has been practicing them for years, he will know how to compensate for the “deficiencies” of this sport with specific exercises », explains the orthopedic surgeon. In short, if you have been practicing a sport for 20 years, even if it is not the best, it is worth continuing. Just talk to an orthopedist or physiatrist to find out how to adjust the socket. And walk straight.

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A help that comes from the East

«The physical activities that I consider most complete to improve posture areand martial arts» advises Dr. Gianluca Galimberti from the Humanitas Institute in Milan. “Everybody develop neuromotor control of movement, analytically strengthen the entire muscular system and, last but not least, help to eliminate stress. It is enough to think of the “Kiai”, the cry made by those who practice karate… «Although the tai chi that does not involve physical contact may be indicated for those who are not very young approaching these disciplines, while judo that’s fine, but it’s best left to those who started young. With the ground strikes that are part of the training, you run the risk of hurting your back.” And then nothing but bad posture.


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