Independence Day | Statement from Administrator Samantha Power

Today, citizens across the country will don red, white, and blue, light up the Grail and the sky, and gather with loved ones to celebrate the 247th birthday of the United States of America.

On Independence Day, we celebrate the enduring dream of a nation where citizens govern themselves, where a person’s potential is not limited by their background, where individuals have the freedom to live the life they want for themselves and their families is what they dream of.

We also celebrate the courageous citizens who have worked for decades to make these founding ideals a reality for all Americans. For generations, the individuals behind these struggles have brought our country closer to its principles—from abolitionists who developed networks to help enslaved people escape bondage, to suffragettes who demanded the right to vote. From journalists who exposed the realities of extreme poverty in their communities to students of color who faced police dogs and firefighters to stand up for basic civil rights. Our country was built on the bravery, perseverance, and courage of all those who have pushed to make our Union “more perfect” and all those who have stood up for our most fundamental values.

At USAID, we are honored to work to advance these values. When USAID sends life-saving humanitarian aid, when we support citizens advocating for self-governance, when we help remove barriers and enable people to break the cycle of poverty, we all Help in upholding people’s inalienable right to life, liberty and life. pursuit of happiness.

We are grateful to everyone who made this work possible, and we wish you a peaceful and happy holiday. Happy Fourth of July!

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