Independent fund managers who earned the most in 2022

2022 was a very rough year for the markets, with a strong correlation between various asset classes leaving investors with no refuge even in fixed income, which also saw double-digit declines, and investors in some assets and managers inspired to redemption. Attempting to mitigate the impact by launching a few products with targeted profitability.

However, listed international fund managers have already announced layoffs in 2022 due to market issues, negative net sales as well as some measures to be taken to get back on track, such as laying off some employees. Dismissal of or closure of certain sectors.

In the case of Spanish fund managers, the CNMV recently published data for 4Q2022, in which we see that 78% of a total of 120 investment fund managers reported green numbers, and the rest, despite efforts, in the second half of year, failed to reverse the red numbers, which make In the aggregate of 2022 the net profit of managers in Spain will decline by almost 15%Going from a result of 874 million euros to 742 million euros in 2021, results in a 7% decline in assets. on the other hand Management fees and assigned fees fell marginally between -0.01% and -1.84% respectively.

Which independent fund managers weathered 2022 well?

Despite the foregoing, the independent managers have managed to weather the storm, achieving growth in profits, assets and equity, although some are different from others. No wonder since these managers, as we have commented in Spanish Talent, have already overcome many other obstacles on their difficult path since the launch of their business, not only in management but In faith too there has been another test of his abilities. of your customers.

Large managers belonging to banking groups in 2022, despite not having resources such as powerful distribution networks, achieve positive numbers not only in terms of results and assets, but also in terms of participants.

It would be ideal, as they themselves told us, for BMEs to foster a “fund supermarket” where these managers can market their products and also protect small investors from making money. Travel To be able to receive any funding from these independent managers. We are confident that this project will come to fruition, but in the meantime, here is a list of independent fund managers that stand to see the greatest growth in results:

The ranking of independent managers who managed to close a turbulent 2022 on an excellent note:

Special mention goes to Magellans, whose management commissions increased by 63% per year, while only 26% were assigned to them, although AzValor is the one who reports the highest profit in the year of this group of outstanding independent managers. Is.