Inditex: Barclays leaves it without capacity in Ibex 35

Inditex’ annual run on the Ibex 35 represents a loss of capacity for the company. At least if we take into account the assessment of analysts at Barclays, who on Thursday revised their outlook for the Galician company, raising their target price slightly but leaving it without potential.

Thus, the British financial institution raises the Spanish multinational’s valuation from 27 to 28 euros, which is 3.7% higher. 12 Months Capacityhowever, stands at -10.49%With reference to the price of the shares at the close of Wednesday.

Those are not the only approaches, nor the most optimistic. He Reuters analyst consensus Inditex assigned a target price of 32 euros, a 9.4% upside from three months ago, which translates into a 2.33% capacity,

Among experts covering the company headed by Marta Ortega, 68% recommend the company’s title to “buy”; 29% chose to “hold” and only 3% preferred to sell their shares.

On Thursday morning, Inditex shares edged up a little over 0.13% in the market, which serves to soften the blow the company has suffered more than 0.5% losses over the past five days. In this 2023, the Galician multinational accumulates a 28.48% increase in the ranking, selective among the Ibex 35 values ‚Äč‚Äčthat have risen the most this year.